A Donald Trump Presidency Could Mean Israel Losing $6 Billion in US Aid?
Par Anthony Bellchambers, 16 mars 2016

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The Israeli government is having to plan how to deal with a Trump presidency and the loss of $6bn a year in US military equipment, arms, loans, grants and gifts from an AIPAC-led Congress.

Just as Binyamin Netanyahu is wondering how to replace the EU, his primary trading market, in the event that Europe decides to implement sanctions against his continued illegal occupation of Palestinian land, he now faces the possibility of having to deal with a Republican President who will certainly not be a ‘patsy’ in a lobby-controlled White House.

The current global attitude to Israel’s continued illegal settlement policy has now hardened into one of angry impatience at Netanyahu’s obstructive tactics in regard to the establishment of an independent state of Palestine to accommodate a dispossessed, indigenous people of over 5 million.

Also, as a consequence of Israel’s six year blockade of essential medical, food and building supplies into Gaza in close co-operation with the Egyptian dictator, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, 1.8 million civilians are still living in a bombed-out enclave reduced to rubble, and with only enough food to keep the entire population at just above subsistence level: atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli government.

However, there now appears to be the possibility of a consensus for a UN resolution to force Israel to comply with international law and for the imposition of a deadline for compliance, failing which, US and EU bilateral trade with the Israeli state could be drastically restricted.

That there needs to be a paradigm shift in the international attitude towards Israeli policy in the Occupied Territories, is an essential factor in Middle East politics and future peace, and with a Trump Presidency, that will almost certainly become a priority for the United States and for the European Union.

Of course, in the unlikely event of a Clinton presidency, the reverse would be true and we would see the frightening prospect of team ‘Binyamin and Hillary’ running the White House. Heaven forbid!

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