A Republican Win Could Lead to a Likud Dominated Congress
Par Anthony Bellchambers, 02 mars 2016

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The Republican Party has long endorsed Likud Zionism with its economic blockades and military occupations and has accepted the influence of Netanyahu and the Israel lobby over Congress. However, what would that mean, in reality, in the event of a Trump presidency?

It would almost certainly embolden Israel to unilaterally annex the occupied Palestinian West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Syrian Golan Heights in gross violation of international law and in contempt of the United Nations.

It would allow Netanyahu to claim American endorsement to the whole of Jerusalem being declared the capital of the Israeli state and for the Holy City to be subject to military control.

It would resurrect the proposal of Israel being declared the 51st state of the Union with all the consequences that would flow from an American province located in the Muslim Middle East.

It would increase the likelihood of a global war between the US and Russia, and their respective allies, together with the uncontrolled proliferation of nuclear weapons throughout the Middle East and Asia, plus the threat of a regional war with Mexico.

A Trump-­Netanyahu alliance would mean a very dangerous world dominated by nuclear­-armed submarines in the Dardanelles, the Pacific, the Mediterranean and the North Sea with their control centres in New York and Tel Aviv.

Another consequence would be a weakened European Union subject to the military and economic superiority of a belligerent and enlarged union of the United States of America and Israel.

The alternative is a Democratic Party President of America whose long experience and integrity as an elder statesman of the US Senate is widely respected and whose demand for a more just and fair society is acknowledged as being the best agenda for a prosperous, safer and more equal United States.

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London 02/03/2016

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