Aleppo, ‘Chemical Attack’ Propaganda and the White Helmet Folly
Par Vanessa Beeley, 10 septembre 2016
21st Century Wire 9 septembre 2016
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UK Column News anchor Mike Robinson talks to 21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley in a stunning interview covering the reality on the ground in Aleppo, the truth behind the west’s latest contrived ‘chemical weapons’ propaganda, and the story of the REAL Syria Civil Defense who’ve been hijacked by the western-backed, terrorist-linked faux NGO known as ‘the White Helmets’ currently being promoted by the website Netflix.  


Watch this incredible interview:

START Delegation of Lords to Syria : Vilified for Dialogue with Assad.
02:45 Of Assad : ‘We met him for two hours, we fired questions at him.’
05:27 “End intervention : End the arming of Terrorist Entities in Syria.”
09:35 Font of tremendous Wisdom & Peace : Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun.
12:14 Photographic Evidence of Compassion in Wartime|Map of Aleppo
15:23 Media Coverage in Syria : Who Perpetrates The Chemical Attacks?
21:35 Real victims of warfare waged against an innocent Syrian Population.
24:12 Abdullah Issa – Child Tortured & Beheaded by ‘Moderate’ Terrorists.
29:27 World of Delusions | Nobel Nominees : the Al Qaeda ‘White Helmets.’
32:12 Beatification of Literal Terrorists | Defamation of Syrian Civil Defence.


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