Anti-Semitism: The Causal Factor That The Media is Afraid to Print
Par Anthony Bellchambers, 08 avril 2016

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Anti-semitism is rapidly rising throughout Europe for one specific reason. That is the factual evidence that a majority of Jewish communities in France and Britain – although certainly not all – remain intent on giving indiscriminate support to the extremist right-wing Likud government in Israel headed by Revisionist Zionist, Binyamin Netanyahu.

That government, and its predecessors, together have:

  1. since 1967, induced over 600,000 of their own citizens to leave their homes in Israel to illegally settle on Occupied Palestinian land in an attempt to block the establishment of an independent state for 5 million indigenous Arabs in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and
  2. for nearly seven years, imposed an illegal blockade of essential goods into Gaza to deliberately keep 1.8 million civilians at just on, or under, subsistence level in an inhumane and illegal policy of criminal oppression in a determined but failed attempt at regime change.
  3. conspired to ensure that Israeli politicians have an undue influence over the US Congress and the White House and, consequently, over both American and British foreign policy.
  4. Conspired to ensure that Israel is the only state in the world that is an undeclared nuclear power, that stands outside of the internationally agreed Non Proliferation Treaty and, therefore, a major threat to world peace.

EUnewsdesk London April 2016

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