Backstabbing the Multipolar World: India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi Treads the Path of Sultan Erdogan

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi tried to make a difference by expressing aspirations to engage multipolar India with the unipolar world.  Modi’s current strategic tilt towards imperial power centers of Washington and Riyadh has alarmed the bells in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.  First time in history, The government of Modi is not only going to host foreign boots in Indian soil to contain china but it has also waged a war on secular India through encouraging Hindu extremism in the country.

Modi’s current moves signaled that he has become the trump card of the unipolar club and now he is following the path of Turkish Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan internationally and domestically. The purpose of this write-up is aimed to compare Modi with Erdogan through analyzing their play against their own country and multipolar world.

Backstabbing the Multipolar World

Turkey,  like India, economically and institutionally is the part of the multipolar world as it has the bridge between Asia and Europe. Before backstabbing Russia, Turkey was considered as the best friend of Russia like India. Being the architecture of multipolarity of the globe, Russia had offered all alternates to Turkey from Turkish-stream line to the membership of multipolar strategic and economic blocs. While Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan was much close to the president of Russia that’s why last year in September, Vladimir Putin invited Erdogan on the occasion of Eid (Muslim religious celebration) to inaugurate the 2nd largest Mosque of Russia in Moscow but unfortunately Putin was unaware that Erdogan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Russian anti-terror campaign in Syria exposed Turkish double standards regarding the support of terrorism. When Russian air force struck on terrorist financial resources in Syria, Turkey downed Russian SU-24 jet in Syrian airspace.  Turkey was the first country who shot down Russian jet after the World War II. That was an unaccepted and unaffordable move for Russia. It was not just a betray but for Russia, it was a stab in the back. Therefore, the Russian president said, “Allah must have punished the ruling clique in Turkey by stripping them of their sanity”. Russia only lost jet while Turkey turned her best friend into an enemy.

After joining the unipolar club, Erdogan not only waged a war on Turkish multipolar structure but he also acted as a facilitator in US-led “Hybrid War” against the multipolar world on the behest of unipolar well-wishers. Erdogan is not only replacing Turkish Sufism image with Wahabi colored Salafism Islam but he also had blocked Silk Road branches of Kobani, Damascus, and Baghdad through supporting terrorists.

And now Modi has adopted the same alleyway of Erdogan in India through joining the unipolar club to contain regional integration. China’s belt road initiative has reached to the door of India but unfortunately, Modi is not only going to close the door but he has also adopted an aggressive policy to barricade it in the south Asian region and the Indian Ocean.  Indian current strategic tilt towards the US and Saudi Arabia has signaled that India is not only going to on board with unipolar world to contain Russia and China led multipolarity of globe from the Indian Ocean to Asia-pacific region but it is also going to line up herself with Saudi Arabia and Turkey in the new emerging The Saudi-Chinese Cold WarFor this purpose, Saudi Arabia is facilitating India in South Asia and Muslim countries to contain China while as a result India is assisting Saudi Arabia in Iranian Sistan e Baluchistan against Iran. Beside this, Saudi-Indo new axis is also using Afghanistan’s hostile situation against China, Pakistan and Iran meanwhile NATO presence in Afghanistan is also very favorable for this new anti-regional axis. Turkey is also on board with India from Afghanistan to the central Asian States. Despite the member of BRICS and potential member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), India on the behest of this axis has dared to support anti-China and anti-Russia groups.

Indian support to Uyghur militant group East Turkestan Islamic Moment (ETIM) has also been uncovered in April when India hosted anti-China groups moot in Dharamsala. The author and the Journalist Andrew Korybko has exposed Modi’s double play as he says, “Prime Minister Modi will certainly have a lot of explaining to do now that it’s been proven that the anti-China group that he’s hosting in Dharamsala is also anti-Russian.”Initiatives For China/Citizen Power For China” is such a strong backer of the radical extra-judicial “Global Magnitsky Act” that they even sponsored a high-profile conference about it just last summer”.

No doubt that China and Pakistan are the rival of India but Russia and Iran are still considered India’s strategic best friends but unfortunately when Russia and Iran are circled by NATO/Saudi at that time India is going line up with their anti-group. This act of Modi would be unacceptable for both Russia and Iran.

Being the leaders of the multipolar world -Russia and China- know that keep India within their multipolar institutions is like keeping a snake in the backyard with the hope that it will not bite when it will grow. Because Modi will not remain forever but India will that’s why it is the need of multipolar diplomacy to pull multipolar India together.

Secularization to Extremism

The USA has launched a “Hybrid War” on multipolar states through exploiting hostile situation aim to achieve American strategic interests. For this purpose, Pentagon has introduced color revolutions to install desired regimes and fueled separatism and extremism to accomplish unipolar hegemony over multipolar states. American current foreign policy is witnessing that Washington does not need allies but it needs vassals.  Unfortunately, the anti-Russian move has turned mostly NATO’s member states into American Vassals and Turkey is one of them while now India is also on the way. If India will sign proposed Logistic Support Agreement (LSA) with the USA, It will turn India into American vassal state.

The attack of hybrid war on Turkey remained very successful and now we are witnessed that the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan has become the tool of this war and he is facilitating US to achieve the objectives of the  manual of Unconventional Warfare (UW) through Turkish influence in the region from Balkan to the Middle East. While Erdogan’s anti-Russian moves also hinted that he is also going to contain Russia in the Black Sea as he said that the Black Sea has become Russian lake.

Beside this, Erdogan has attacked the Turkish secular image even as new proposed Turkish constitution is under way. In fact, the purpose of amendments is to give absolute power to Turkish president but along this, the current regime is also wishing to change the secular image of Turkey into Islamization by erasing articles from the constitution which protect secularism and liberalization in Turkey. That’s why Speaker of Turkish Parliament, Ismail Kahraman hinted that Secularism should not be included in the new constitution. The new constitution must be a religious one.

Turkish Sufism and secularism are the main hurdles in Pentagon-sponsored Jihad that’s why with the help of Erdogan they want to replace Sufism (Islamic ideology of peace and tolerance)  with Salafism (Wahhabi ideology of Jihad) while Extremism will replace secularism under this new proposed constitution.

Like Erdogan, Indian Modi also has the same ambition to convert secular India into Hindu Extremist state through amending the constitution but the democratic set-up of India can’t afford this Modi’s adventure;  therefore, Modi is hesitating to play with Indian constitution.  But unfortunately, Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has become the main sponsor of extremism in India.  Modi’s previous record is witnessed that he had blood on his hands as being the Chief Minister of Gujarat he allowed to kill Muslimsduring the 2002 Gujarat riots

As Erdogan is the follower of Muslim Brotherhood and Wahabi extremist ideology same Indian Modi belongs to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Hindu extremist ideological organization which was involved anti-Sikh riots in 1984 and 2002 Gujarat anti-Muslim riots, it was also closely associated with Mahatma’s assassination in 1948 and the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992. While BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) is a political wing of the RSS.

And now Modi as the PM of India has given a free hand to Hindu extremist groups. With the support of government RSS and its extremist groups waged war on multi-ethnic and multi-religious secular India. All minorities including Muslim, Sikh, Christine and others are directly under attack while liberal and secular Hindus are also the victim of this growing extremism. Recently many Muslims, Sikhs, and Christens are killed due to religious violence. The fire of extremism is burning the liberal and secular image of India. Therefore the phrase “Hindu Taliban” has been introduced.

Besides, Erdogan wants to turn secular Syria into extremist religious factory same pattern has been adopted by Modi against Himalayan tiny state Nepal. Last year in September when Hindu dominant Nepal has adopted her first ever constitution as a secular state, it was unaffordable for Hindu extremist groups of India. Modi has sent diplomats to Kathmandu to change the constitution by proposing the amendment to declare Nepal as a Hindu State but Nepal’s government refused to do so as a result India has blocked the border and suspended energy and medicine supply to this landlocked country.

As Russian timely intervention saved Syria from Erdogan, same in this case China came forward to rescue this tiny state of Nepal from Modi’s created humanitarian crises.

Akhand Bharat vs Ottoman Empire

As Turkish Erdogan is building castles in the air to revive Ottoman Empire which broke down in 1924 at the end of first world war. This Turkish Neo-Ottoman ideology has become a security threat for the world and aggressive foreign policy of Turkey is pushing the world into a total war.

Similarly in South Asia, Modi has a dream to establish “Akhand Bharat” (united India) through annexation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Tibet, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. For this purpose, Modi’s BJP government has waged hybrid war on South Asian nations.

The ruling BJP’s general secretary Ram Madhav  made comments during Modi’s surprise visit to Lahore  last year in December , as he said that the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh believes that India, Pakistan and Bangladesh will one day reunite again not by war but through “POPULAR GOODWILL“.

The current tension in South Asia is fueled by Modi to full fill the Akhand Bharat dream. While as a result, South Asian nations are looking towards the leaders of multipolar world – China and Russia – to counter this dirty game of India. Therefore, South Asian nations have gathered under the umbrella of SCO.

While on the other hand, Saudi Arabia and America have already introduced counter-narrative of Hindu’s Akhand Bharat through promoting the ideology of Islamic State of united Hindustan. Annexation of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh with India will turn Muslims into a majority in the region.

The purpose of Akhand Bharat and the Islamic state of Hindustan is only one to counter china and block regional integration.   Therefore, Saudi Arabia and America both are facilitating India in South Asia so that all south Asian nations under the lead of India can counter China. For this purpose India is revising cold war mentality against China as Indian Parliamentary Panel on Defense has submitted its report which suggested that India plans to revive 39 abandoned airfields; mostly along the Himalayan region which lies in the northeast. These airfields were used by air forces of Britain and the United States during World War II.

So in this scenario, Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman empire has become a threat to the world peace,  and similarly, Modi’s ambition of Akhand Bharat is also threatening large-scale war in nuclear triangular Sino-Indo-Pak of South Asia region.

Exporter of Terrorism

Once Pakistan was considered the exporter of terrorism but now Turkey and India both are exporting terrorism to achieve their geopolitical objectives.  Unfortunately, Turkey has adopted Pakistani path of pentagon’s jihad that’s why “Pakistanization of Turkey” phrase has been introduced for Erdogan’s Turkey.  The president of Turkey has become the godfather of Islamic terrorism. Turkish soil is using as the launching pad of so-called Islamic Jihad against Europe, Syria, and Balkan states.  Turkish trained militants have not only waged war against Syria but whole Europe is suffering in Erdogan’s sponsored jihad.

Like Erdogan, Modi has also involved in exporting terrorism into Pakistan, China and Nepal. Indian establishment is supporting Alliance for Independent Madhes (AIM) in Nepal. Madhesi people live along the borderline between India and Nepal. The government of Nepal is trying to seek the solution of Madhesi community but Indian influence is the hurdle.

The Indian express report suggests that The Madhes has historically been part of the larger Mithila region. Most of the affluent of the Terai are educated in India, and the democracy on the other side of the border has kept levels of political awareness high. Most of the 11 Indian ambassadors to Nepal since 1990 have been from Bihar — and about half of them belong to a sizeable caste in Nepal’s Terai. Their interest, and visible concern, in the region’s politics, has attracted suspicion in Kathmandu.

On the behest of India, these Madhesi people had blocked Nepal-India border twice from 1950 to till date. For the first time they had blocked the border in 1989 when Nepal bought Arms from china and now recently they again blocked in 2015 on the issue of Nepal’s new constitution.

As well as Nepal, Pakistan and China are also facing Indian sponsored terrorism. Modi’s efforts to sabotage China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) are now not hidden. Indian support to Chinese militant group ETIM, terrorist groups and Baloch rebels in Pakistan was uncovered recently.


In both countries, pro-multipolar well-wishers are directly under attack.  Opposition parties to media, institutions to think tanks all have become the victims of political revenge of Erdogan and Modi in their respective countries. Although Turkey and India both are multipolar states but unfortunately current ruling regimes over there are destroying their multipolar image and forcefully converting sovereign states into vassals. In this situation, it is the need of time to support liberal, secular and pro-multipolar think tanks and organizations so that domestic and internationally pressure should be built on ruling cliques.

Still both Erdogan and Modi have time to take bold steps by taking U-Turn in the larger interests of their nations and regions despite the dancing on the unipolar floor on the behest of America. Their wrong decisions will not only ruin their own nations but it will tear their country into pieces. As Turkey is facing Kurdish separatism same India is facing many separate movements i.e. Kashmir, Khalistan, Assam, Nangalim, and Tripura.

Divide and rule policy of West is still working while Separatism is the main tool of the Pentagon’s unconventional warfare which has been applied in 2010 to achieve American interests all over the world. After analyzing the both plays, it is easy to make an opinion that Erdogan and Modi have been trapped or they have become the puppets of the west.  And they both pose a significant threat not only to their countries but also to the world.

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