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United Nations Security Council: Russian Veto, Supported By Venezuela, Prevents The Obliteration Of Syria. Is Russia The Next Target?

In a speech stunning for its arrogance, venom, and the violence of its verbal and personal attack on the Russian Federation, the Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom today demonstrated Lord Bertrand Russell’s observation that “the British gentleman behaves with exquisite courtesy toward members of his own set, and then goes home and whips his black servant to death.”  

Surpassing even the sanctimonious and hypocritical Russophobic diatribes of the Permanent Representative of the U.S., during today’s Security Council meeting it was obvious that the UK now regards Russia as its current “whipping boy,” and this targeted attempt to degrade and humiliate Russia during today’s meeting is alarming, as the devaluation and dehumanization of a people is the first step in the psychological preparation for a physical attack, overt or covert on the people of a country:

“Normally I begin my statements in this Council with the words “thank you, Mr. President.”  I cannot do that today.  Because today, we have seen the fifth veto in five years on Syria from you, Mr. President….A veto that has once again denigrated the credibility and respect of the Security Council in the eyes of the world.  A veto that is a cynical abuse of the privileges and responsibilities of permanent membership, and I simply cannot thank you for that.”

( Of course, the UK is selling arms to the Saudis bombarding innocent civilians in Yemen, slaughtering more than 600 innocent civilians that very same day, as the UK Ambassador spoke.  Headless bodies and people with smashed legs were later removed from the UK and US funded devastation inflicted on innocent civilians of Yemen)

Contrary to the UK’s defamatory remarks, indeed, today Russia upheld the United Nations’ credibility and legitimacy as an objective organization, by vetoing the French-Spanish Resolution that would have, under Article 25 of the UN Charter, denied the Syrian government  control over its own airspace by “demanding immediate end to military flights over Syria’s Aleppo,” a blatant infringement of Syria’s sovereignty, and a violation of the UN Charter, and as the Russian Foreign Ministry stated, “The prohibition of flights over Aleppo provides cover to terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and those militants allied with them.”

Unfortunately for the Ambassador of the UK, his very own BBC corroborates the Russian Foreign Ministry allegations, quoting none other than United States Vice-President Joseph Biden, who stated at the Kennedy School of Harvard:

 “Our biggest problem is our allies.  The Turks, the Saudis, the Emirates, etc.,….were so determined to take down Syrian President Bashar al Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war….they poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens, thousands of tonnes of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad, policies that ended up helping militants linked to Al Qaeda and ultimately ISIS.”

 “’Qatar and Turkey provided support to the Syria Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist militias and some of what they sent got to al-Qaeda linked Jabhat al-Nusra’ according to a former administration official.”   This is the BBC, not RT.

 And for an encore, Hillary Clinton stated in a 2015 speech at the Brookings Institution that:

“nobody can deny that much of  the extremism in the world today is a direct result of policies and funding undertaken by the Saudi government and individuals.  We would be foolish not to recognize that.”

Further, in an article by Liz Goodwin and Michael Isikoff Clinton is quoted stating:  “’The Saudi and Qatari governments themselves are funding ISIS’”

Russia supported UN Special Advisor Steffan di Mistura’s proposal to personally help escort Al-Qaeda linked terrorists out of Aleppo to avoid their provoking government bombing of their enclaves.  However, on October 7, the terrorist group Fatah al-sham rejected di Mistura’s and Russia’s offer to help end the fighting, and stated their determination to control part of Aleppo, regardless of the resultant bloodshed they thereby made inevitable.

In a CNN article dated September 28, reiterated in part on October 5 by the New York Times:

“State Department spokesman John Kirby warned Moscow that it risked getting stuck in a quagmire if it didn’t work to end the violence. ‘The war won’t stop, opposition groups are certainly not going to pull back, Extremist groups will continue to exploit the vacuums that are there in Syria, to expand their operations, which will include – no question – attacks against Russian interests, perhaps even Russian cities.  And Russia will continue to send troops home in body bags.’”

The abovementioned ‘quagmire’ is the inevitable outcome of the French-Spanish resolution seeking to “demand an immediate end to military flights over Syria’s Aleppo.”  The result of that ‘quagmire’ would be, ultimately, regime change in Russia, and the reduction of Russia to the status of a servile puppet, who can be “whipped to death,” which Boris Yeltsin had made possible..

In one of the noblest speeches ever delivered at the United Nations during this century, Venezuelan Ambassador Ramirez, in  words of brilliance, exposed the enormity of hypocrisy for which the Ambassadors demonizing Russia are guilty, listing the colonialist aggressions and current war crimes throughout the middle east, and throughout the world, for which the UK and the US have never been held to account.

Ambassador Ramirez demonstrated that the Russian veto prevented the UN Security Council from endorsing the obliteration of Syria, in the same Machiavellian way in which UN Security Council Resolutions 678 on Iraq and 1973 on Libya unleashed the pulverizing bombing campaigns which turned the previously functioning and progressive governments of Iraq and Libya into current failed states incubating and rampantly spreading terrorism. And  Ambassador Ramirez stated that he regretted that Russia had not exercised its veto power to prevent the UN Security Council from authorizing the war crimes committed by the US, the UK and NATO in Iraq and Libya.

And finally, with enormous courage, the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela accurately defined the cause of the stagnation at the UN Security Council:

“The fundamental reason for the lack of unity is based on the fact that certain permanent members of the Security Council are deeply involved in the conflict and supported the development of this type of asymmetric war, a new and absolutely illegal mechanism designed to overthrow Governments… No one in the Security Council can decide whether the Government of Syria is legitimate.  No one in the Security Council has the right to suppress the sovereignty of the Syrian Government over its own territory…  The exercise of the right of veto by Russia was criticized.  We believe that the right of veto serves in many instances to establish balance in situations that are otherwise totally out of balance.  If only they could have exercised the right of veto in connection with the intervention in Iraq or the NATO bombings in Libya, we would not be facing the regrettable situation in which we find ourselves today.”

The virulent beating of the war drums at the UN Security Council suggests a proxy war against Russia, and predictions of Islamic terrorist attacks against Russian cities raise the terrifying prospect of another stealthy campaign to destabilize Russia, turning that sovereign country into a docile pawn of Western oligarchic interests.  It would be prudent to recall that Russia is a nuclear power, and hubris doomed Napoleon and Hitler.  Unfortunately, this time hubris may also doom all humanity.

Author and Geopolitical analyst Carla Stea is Global Research’s Correspondent at United Nations headquarters, New York, NY. 

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Author and Geopolitical analyst Carla Stea is Global Research's Correspondent at United Nations headquarters, New York, NY.

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