« Bikers for Trump », « Lions for Trump »: Donald’s Volunteer Security Armies

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On April 25, Politico focused on Donald Trump’s armies, which the news site dubbed “vigilantes”. “From Lions of Trump to Bikers for Trump”, Ben Schreckinger wrote “these volunteer watchdogs have become the Donald’s security forces – and they plan to follow him to the convention.”

One might ask why does “the Donald” need “volunteer” security when he already has the full protection of the U.S. Secret Service, local law enforcement and hired security professionals?

Chris Cox, organizer for his 30,000-member group, “Bikers for Trump”, watched on TV demonstrators clash with Trump supporters at the Chicago rally of March 12 and realized he could help his favorite candidate. He would “transform” his pro-Trump group into a “volunteer security force, patrolling Trump’s events.” They would identify protesters, form barriers to protect Trump supporters and, backing up local police, remove unwanted attendees.

At a Pennsylvania rally his team worked the dirt floor of the Farm Show Complex “snatching and tearing protesters’ signs” and were on-the-ready to lend a hand to law enforcement as they “dragged protesters from the arena.”

A newly formed group called Lions of Trump were equally incensed that “the Donald” faced protesters in Chicago. Thusly, it invented itself  “to scour social media for likely protesters and expose them.” Their website contains a translation of a favorite saying of  Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, “Better to be a lion for a day, than a lamb for eternity.” It’s a quote “the Donald” himself once used. “It’s a very good quote,” said the Strongman.

“Lions of Trump – Defenders of Freedom” is an “informal civilian group dedicated to the safety and security of #Trump supporters by exposing Far-Left rioters,” its web site explains. They stress their role is to help police, Secret Service and “Mr. Trump’s security” uphold laws prohibiting unlawful trespass “inside a private event paid for by Mr. Trump’s campaign.”

They exclusively label protesters “Far-Left” as did Donald Trump in Chicago on March 12 blaming Bernie Sanders’ “troublemakers” for reason to cancel his rally there. Among the many verbal assaults made against hundreds of targets by the Strongman, Trump called Sanders a “Communist” and claimed the left is “against freedom of speech and assembly” and “wants to destroy this country.”


Coincidentally, such political scapegoating parallels both Mussolini and Hitler who falsely and repeatedly implicated and indicted “leftists” in paving their way to gain fascist control of Italy and Germany using brown-shirts and black-shirts armed with prejudice, racism, hate and guns. The Lions of Trump repeatedly call protesters “saboteurs”, “brigands”, “plotters”, “marauders”, “anti-Americans”, agents of the “globalist agenda” who suppress any effort to Make America Great Again (or MAGA). The Lions call themselves “MAGA patriots”.

On its Facebook page is a link to former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann speaking on MSNBC. Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, is the one with “fascist values”, she argued. A poster responded, “hope this Michelle [sic] is on the short-list for VP’s that can MAGA!”

The first “comment” at Lions of Trump website is by poster “Tom” left on March 15, three days after Trump canceled his Chicago rally. “Protesters will not receive mercy….they will be sliced and diced into little bags.” Poster “Lion Guard” replied to clarify “Lions Guard does not support confrontation and brawling.  There is no need to escalate into fights as long as the forces of order uphold the law against these marauders.” – a tireless non-denial denial.

LionsofTrump.net is registered anonymously through Domains by Proxy, LLC, a service for masking the identity of a website’s owner.

The so-called “globalist agenda” is not “Far-Left” however, as this group and many other far-right marginalized movements wish you to believe. In fact, so-called “globalists”, when referring to hegemonic financial institutions and “hot money” market players, are “Far-Right” who destroy socialist (e.g., “Far-Left”) nations through either monetary or military warfare; or by coups and outright assassinations of national sovereigns and leaders – as being witnessed today again in the Global South – before they attack each other (viz. Western aggressive rivalry with Russia and China).

Globalists wish to undermine Sanders or anyone else who crosses the middle line and veers to the Left in order to thwart individuals, groups or nations that challenge capital and market-driven economies (U.S. and the West) by being socialist- or mixed-economies oriented to economic equity, social welfare, and universal human rights. But Trump’s aversion to the Left only differs from those of other presidential candidates by overtly “red baiting” and bullying in a style surpassing Cold War inquisitor Joseph McCarthy whose very words mirror Trumpism today: « Our job as Americans and as Republicans is to dislodge the traitors from every place where they’ve been sent to do their traitorous work, » the junior senator from Wisconsin proclaimed at the Republican National Convention in 1952.

In short, Trumptarianism, apart from its fascistic elements and use of McCarthy fear-mongering, scapegoating and red-baiting, is a cult of disparate and disenfranchised followers of an authoritarian oligarch and demagogue whose movement is enforced and protected by paid security forces and volunteer private armies.

Should law enforcement ever endorse Trump, Americans will have no defense against fascism in America.

Trump is himself a globalist with designs to extend his real estate dynasty into Russia and perhaps China later. He “courts Putin’s favor,” wrote Josh Rogin for Bloomberg, “extending the charm offensive intended to build the Trump real-estate empire.” In 2013, the year he brought his Miss Universe pageant to Moscow, Trump met with Russian partners to discuss building a replica of his SoHo residential development project in Moscow.

Rogin in Bloomberg concluded:

“Before he was a presidential candidate, Trump’s hunger to be popular in Russia was less troubling. Now it is a conflict of interest. The candidate’s foreign-policy positions are conveniently aligned with his long-standing business agenda. But what’s good for the Trump Organization isn’t necessarily good for America.”

Since mid-March, volunteer efforts to root out demonstrators at Trump rallies have become more organized and deliberate. Citizens for Trump, an all-purpose grassroots support group, has deployed a team scouring social media for death threats to Trump, while a handful of its members tour the country on the lookout for protesters at rallies.

Its Facebook page is riddled with anti-Cruz propaganda, attacks on immigrants and scandalous rumors. Posters don’t always follow rules of grammar: Rob Sasovetz says, “K. Suck, and lying Ted Cruz there are only for then self”; Manny Luis claims, “These people don’t know nothing about our country !!!”. A photoshopped $20 bill showing Donald Trump instead of Harriet Tubbman provoked Lisa Love: “If he can show America how to make money and build up… He can have his face on any bill he wants.”

Citizens for Trump says Glenn Beck believes Trump “is a man who know [sic] how to get things done”. And speaking of Jesus, Jesus Carmona says, “Voting for Donald Trump for president not another democrats corrupts politicals”.

Tea Party activist and founder of Citizens for Trump, Tim Selaty and other pro-Trump groups plan counter rallies in primary states and to rally outside of the Republican convention in July.

Chris Cox, organizer for his 30,000-member group, “Bikers for Trump” warns if “we are assaulted … if one hair is touched on a biker, you’ll see hundreds of thousands of bikers coming out of the woodwork,” he told Politico. Cox, like many Trump supporters, argue that billionaire and speculator George Soros funds protesters at Trump rallies.

Cox plans to be in Cleveland, according to Politico, along with Citizens for Trump, Truckers for Trump and Stop the Steal – an effort helmed by Trump confidant Roger Stone who said his group would publish the hotels and room numbers of delegates suspected of “trying to steal” the nomination from Trump so that “supporters could confront them.”

Roger Stone is implicated in commanding the infamous “Brooks Brother riot” of November 22, 2000 which stopped the Florida vote recount and helped give George W. Bush victory in the Presidential election, despite a majority vote against him.

The Republican establishment failing to “stop Trump” saw the front-runner change demeanor and tone in his NY primary victory speech of April 19 and hastily softened its stance and welcome. Days later, Trump advisors Paul Manafort and Rick Wiley promised party leaders meeting at the Republican National Committee’s spring meeting in Florida that Trump was prepared to tone down his rhetoric. Some outsiders felt Trump’s NY “soft act” wouldn’t last a fortnight and it didn’t.

By April 25, the Strongman resumed trashing Cruz and Kasich with fresh insults.

“Republican front-runner Donald Trump on Monday (April 25) railed against the deal between rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich to try to block him from the presidential nomination and went on to trash their win-loss records, debate skills and even table manners,”

reported the Wall Street Journal.

Such personal attacks “defy predictions by some of Mr. Trump’s allies that he would tone down his rhetoric and act more statesmanlike as he gets closer to the nomination,” observed the Journal.

GOP incumbents worried over how a Trump-effect might crush their reelection chances in November announced they would boycott the Cleveland convention in July, an event Trump warned would be greeted with riots if he were not nominated.

“I’ve got my own re-election and I’m going to be focusing on my voters in New Hampshire,” said Sen. Kelly Ayotee. « I’m up for re-election, » Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), told CNN, who is weighing skipping the convention. « I’ve decided not to go to Cleveland, » said Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC), co-founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus. « I’m going to stay home and work. »

“I have a primary that’s on Aug. 30,” Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) told Bloomberg. Sen. Lisa Murkowski is “going to be home with Alaskans.” Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona will base things on whether it is a “Trump coronation or not”. If it is, he sees “no reason to go”. Sen. Orin Hatch of Utah might go because “they’re going to have to have some people with brains, you know.”

On April 19, The Hill reported Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.), the National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman, “warns that a fight between supporters of candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz at a contested convention in Cleveland is the last place vulnerable Republicans need to be.” Wicker told The Hill, “If there’s going to be a brouhaha, I’m advising candidates to be present for more unifying events.”

What Wicker calls a “brouhaha” is a Trump “riot”.

AP reported on April 21 that Colorado Republican Chairman Steve House said he hopes a sheriff will accompany the state delegation to the GOP nominating convention in Cleveland, after delegates reported getting threatening email messages and calls from Trump supporters. House said a caller told him to « put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. » And if he didn’t? « I’ll send someone over to help you. »

To this writer’s knowledge, no formal charges have been brought against Donald Trump by politicians who have been verbally assailed and attacked by him or by his supporters, nor has the U.S. Dept. of Justice charged Trump with “hate speech”, intent to incite a riot, or for encouraging supporters to commit a violent crime. In the Daily Beast of April 15, Michael Daly attempted to decipher why Sheriff Swain did not find Trump’s conduct warranted an arrest after the Strongman confirmed he was “looking into” paying the legal bills of 78-year old John McGraw, who had been arrested for sucker punching a protester at a North Carolina rally.

There must be intent to incite imminent law breaking. Daly writes: “Had Trump talked about punching protesters in the nose at the Fayetteville rally shortly before McGovern did just that and had at least two more supporters turned assaultive, Sheriff Butler (sheriff Swain’s boss) could very well have put handcuffs on the leading candidate for the Republican nomination.

“One difference with Donald the Inflator,” Daly noted, “would be that he has encouraged others to break the law even as he is being guarded by cops and Secret Service agents who are sworn to uphold it.”

Showing a buxom blond next to an American flag, “NRA Members for Donald Trump is on Facebook.

The pages are replete with NRA ads. A caption below a homeless man wrapped in a red quilt reads, “Spending Money On Illegal Aliens When American Veterans Have Unmet Needs Should Be a Crime.” A StandUnited ad featuring Bruce Willis reinforces fears that if guns are taken away “the only people who would have guns would be the bad buys.”  A black man standing before an AR15 assault rifle wears a tea-shirt “Nobody Needs an AR15? Nobody Needs A Whiny Little Bitch Either, Yet Here You Are. And Taxation Is Theft.” Poster Don Sparks writes: “NRA: America’s original home land security…”

“Allow Open Carry of Firearms at the Quicken Loans Arena during the RNC Convention in July – Sign this petition.” (the petition collected more than 22,000 signatures as of March 27.

“To the Republican National Committee. We are watching you!”


Michael T. Bucci is a retired public relations executive currently residing in New England. He has authored nine books on practical spirituality collectively titled The Cerithous Material.


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