Call for a Washington Demonstration to Stop the Drive to World-War III
Par Eric Sommer, 09 juillet 2016

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This is a call for demonstrations in Washington to stop the drive to World War III.

In its pursuit of planet-wide dominance, the U.S. government has over the past 15 years waged wars which have moved our planet step-by-step to the precipice of a nuclear war which can destroy our planet.  It has initiated illegal wars of aggression which continue in various forms to this day in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, while covertly financing and arming Jihadists in Syria and other countries.

Meanwhile, U.S. government-led Nato forces have for some time sought  military encirclement of Russia, with U.S. and Nato forces now moving up to its very borders on the false pretext of imaginary ‘Russian aggression, while new military bases and movement of high tech military equipment, new military bases, and engagements in the South China sea threaten to trigger war with China.

It should be emphasized that – unlike the other victims of U.S. military aggression  – Russia and China are powerful nuclear armed states, with the current aggressive moves against them bringing a real danger of nuclear war.  The danger of a planet-destroying nuclear war is now at a higher pitch than at any time since the Cuban missile crisis.

The first anti-war demonstration in Washington in the 1960’s opposing the U.S. Vietnam war attracted only about 26,000 people However, it was the start of the massive anti-war movement which ultimately brought more than a million anti-Vietnam war demonstrators to Washington/

It’s now time for the first demonstration in Washington calling for a new kind of workers government to stop the drive to world war.  The current government in Washington represents not the interest of the U.S. people, but that of the financial elite which benefits from one trillion dollars per year transfered essentially free from the government to its banks and finance companies; that of the leaders of the military and NSA/security system which systematically captures the online activity of American people; and that of the interests of the owners and upper managers of large corporations which benefit from war and exploitation..

It’s true that approximately 10% of the U.S. population comprises an upper middle class whose economic interests align to varying degrees with the .1 and .01 per cent of the super-rich portion of the population. Nevertheless, an organizing slogan incorporating the widely accepted notion of the 99% might be used, such as: « Stop the War Drive with a workers socialist government. Government of, by, and for the 99%, not the 1% that benefits from the wars. »

Demands of these demonstrations should include:

  • Immediate ending of all U.S. military aggression in other peoples countries which have never attacked the U.S.
  • Immediate closure of the 650 U.S. military bases in other peoples countries.
  • Immediate start of a massive employment program in the U.S. to repair its crumbling infrastructure by utilizing the resources freed up by ending foreign militarism.
  • Immediate expropriation of the banks, finance companies, and large corporations whose interests currently underpin the drive to war   These organizations henceforth to be operated as public utilities, democratically controlled by American workers, who are the vast majority of the American people.
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