Coincidence? US State Department Renews Travel Warning Day Before Istanbul Attacks

The US State Department spokesperson, Mark Toner, “partly, coincidentally” reissued the travel alert for Istanbul the day before the suicide bomb attacks in Istanbul’s Attaturk airport, that so far, have claimed 42 lives and left over 200 wounded.  As Mark Toner waffles through his explanation, one could say he protests too much?

“Three bombers opened fire to create panic outside the airport on Tuesday night, before two of them got inside and blew themselves up. Two hundred and thirty-nine people were wounded, officials said, giving a full account of the bloodshed.

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said the attackers shot at random to overcome security checks at the international terminal of Ataturk airport. One blew himself up in the departures hall, a second in arrivals, and the third outside.” — Reuters

These attacks followed, almost immediately, the renewed diplomatic ties between Turkey and Israel and Erdogan had also been making conciliatory gestures to clamber back into Russian good books after the Turkish shooting down of the Russian fighter jet on November 24th 2015.

While Erdogan refused to apologise for the incident, he has publicly expressed “regret”.

“Erdoğan said at a dinner to break the Ramadan fast on Monday night that he hoped that relations with Russia would quickly return to normal. Earlier on Monday, the Kremlin said Erdoğan had apologised to Putin over shooting down the jet. Turkish officials said, however, that Erdoğan had written to Putin to “express his regrets” and did not explicitly confirm he had said sorry.” — The Guardian

The United States and Turkey seem to be holding back on deciding which way the propaganda should go, not confirming that it is ISIS gives them the possibility to perhaps take the narrative in the direction of Erdogan’s arch enemy, the Kurds.

John Brennan, CIA director has been quoted as saying that the attack bears the hallmark of “ISIS depravity” but he is being uncharacteristically slow in igniting that particular fuse. Anonymous US sources have stated that US Intelligence does not have enough evidence to indicate ISIS involvement but also say that perhaps Turkey has evidence they are not aware of.  This is a very unfamiliar ambiguousness from both countries which may suggest they are not sure which way to run the storyline.

We should also always connect to other events running in parallel such as the release of the Republican’s Benghazi Report:

“President Obama has said his worst mistake was ‘failing to plan for the day after … intervening in Libya.’ As a result of this ‘lead from behind’ foreign policy, the Libyan people were forced to make the dismal trade of the tyranny of Qadhafi for the terror of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and others. Although the State Department considered Libya a grave risk to American diplomats in 2011 and 2012, our people remained in a largely unprotected, unofficial facility that one diplomatic security agent the committee interviewed characterized as ‘a suicide mission.” — Rep. Susan Brooks

The report has unearthed many pertinent facts implicating Hillary Clinton and Obama in a failure to sufficiently protect their diplomatic corps in Libya.

“To illustrate that point, the report details how there was confusion in U.S. intelligence circles about who ultimately came to the Americans’ rescue. Previous reports concluded it was a “quasi-government militia.” This report says it was a military unit loyal to the country’s former dictator. [Ghadaffi]” — Washington Post

Is this “terror attack” a distracting smokescreen to derail closer analysis of this report and its potentially far-reaching consequences for the Clinton election campaign?

Time will tell and reveal if these intelligence dots can be joined…in the meantime one does have to wonder how much advance warning the US have of all these alleged “terror attacks” and to what extent are they involved in the preparation and planning of these attacks via their multitude of proxies on the ground in Syria and Turkey, primed to execute a variety of murderous missions on command.

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