Did FBI Director Comey Seal the Election for Hillary Clinton? Eleventh Hour Con Job or Something Else?

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And just like that, Hillary Clinton is cleared. Or so it seems.  

For the second time, an FBI investigation has been squashed; an avalanche of new evidence swept under the rug by FBI Director James Comey. 

In his November 6, 2016 statement, Comey wrote:

“I write to supplement my October 28, 2016 letter that notified you [the Justice Department] the FBI would be taking additional steps with respect to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server. Since my letter, the FBI investigative team has been working around the clock to process and review a large volume of emails from a device obtained in connection to an unrelated criminal investigation. During that process, we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State. Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton.”

It took the FBI some twelve months to barely begin to analyze just 30,000 emails. And these are still being analyzed. Comey’s assertion that 650,000 emails were fully reviewed in just eight days is of course transparently preposterous.

Either Comey never were meant the material to be investigated, or he was intimidated into issuing a second flip-flop.  In any case, Comey is now a pariah, despised by players on all sides, as well by agents within the ranks of the FBI.

What now?

The skeptical view

In the opinion of former Clinton insider and whistleblower Larry Nichols, Comey’s investigation was a designed diversion, in which he would go through the appearance of opening a new investigation, only to clear Hillary of all wrongdoing and bury the case. Knock the air out of the opposition, give Hillary a final burst of momentum, and win the election.

This was a vicious con job that raised hopes, in order to utterly squash them in the most demoralizing fashion.  An energy-sapping wild goose chase, leading to emptiness. A masterful con.

In hindsight, Comey’s October 28 about-face seemed too noble, too hard to believe. Indeed, it should have been trusted, given the obvious connections linking him, a Clinton cohort, and the other so-called investigation leaders, all of them deeply connected to the Clintons:

  • Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, heads the private server/email probe is compromised.  After his wife, a political candidate, received large donations from a Democratic PAC headed by longtime Clinton colleague Terry McAuliffe, it is no coincidence that the investigation went nowhere.
  • Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik is a close personal friend of Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Kadzik has been caught on multiple Wikileaks emails colluding with Podesta, who describes Kadzik to the Clinton team as “willing to help.”
  • Attorney General Loretta Lynch, servile to both the Clintons and President Barack Obama, met with Bill Clinton prior to Comey’s original announcement of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. After this clear breach of ethics, Lynch has been a handy obstructionist.
  • Obama also went along with the fakery, adopting neutral stance, all the while probably knowing that no new investigation was really taking place. He also wields the power to pardon Hillary Clinton in the event she is charged with anything.

The squashing of the investigation may have been a convenient method by which corrupted agents within the Department of Justice and the FBI could seize and control the incriminating evidence, in order to remove it from being pursued by honorable agents; to prevent these agents from doing their duty.

It may have also been a trap set up to expose the FBI agents who were showed any zeal in actually pursuing Clinton/Abedin/Weiner, in order to ultimately purge them. During a segment of a November 6 Infowars broadcast, Larry Nichols revealed on air that he just received a message from his FBI source that of five agents working on the Clinton case, two have now been “laid off for budgetary reasons”, and another will resign. The FBI team is dismantled along with the investigation.

This is how the government silences opposition, especially when crimes have been exposed and require a cover-up. This is how the Clintons and Bushes have always stopped investigations into their criminal activities.

The rank and file FBI agents, who have the evidence, and whose frustration forced Comey to “reopen” the case nine days ago, must now consider how to proceed. Will these honorable FBI agents mutiny? Would they choose to act in defiance of Comey, and “blow the whole thing open” along with the New York Police Department (which also possesses evidence against Clinton and her inner circle)?

Damaging information alone is not enough. A functioning law enforcement and judicial system, and a functioning federal government, are required, in order to act on the information. Clearly, the corrupted system does not function and has been commandeered by criminal forces. It appears to be over.

What about the alleged counter-coup on the part of military, intelligence and law enforcement, in conjunction with Wikileaks and other groups, that was supposed to stop Hillary Clinton? There is no sign that the counter coup, described by intelligence-related former official Steve Pieczenik, has succeeded. It is less than 24 hours until the election. Hillary Clinton is still intact, and she still holds a national lead over Trump, according to the mainstream media.

But the Clinton forces (which are connected to the Bushes) own the means to steal the election, including the technology, the voting machines, thugs manning the polls, and the corporate media. They will see that votes that are not for Hillary will not be counted. It won’t matter how many people turn out. It won’t matter if there is civil disobedience. In fact, civil disobedience plays into their hand. It offers the opportunity for the Obama administration to impose martial law.

Corruption and criminality are so deeply entrenched and pervasive, that it is over. The criminals have control of the system, and the law, and they have put themselves beyond reach.  Nothing short of a real revolution can “drain the swamp”. Are citizens truly ready to fight a civil war, and overturn the entire system from top to bottom?

 The hopeful view

Lost in the noisy gloating of Hillary Clinton’s sycophants is the fact that there are five open investigations, including the New York Police probe of Clinton/Clinton Foundation-related emails, the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner emails, and a separate IRS probe into the Clinton Foundation. And this does not include the wealth of crimes that has been exposed by Wikileaks, to be pursued by law enforcement and government agencies.

What Comey refers to in his statement is merely a subset of material, the emails specifically “with respect to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server”, “to and from Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State”.   What about the rest? What about emails sent to and from Clinton before and after her tenure? What about the Clinton Foundation? What about connections to pedophilia? What about the activities of Huma Abedin and the rest of the Clinton inner circle?

These and other ongoing investigations that will dog Hillary Clinton, even if she manages to steal the election. The election will be contested. Clinton will be opposed, vehemently. Any attempt on her part to crack down on opposition is likely to be met with even stronger resistance.

There is one more remote possibility that would cast Comey’s actions in a different light. Perhaps the counter coup has actually done its job, by having now publicly exposed the existence and possession of highly damaging evidence against the Clintons and much of Washington, capable of bringing the entire system down. The Hillary campaign did lose significant ground in the past week, while Trump has surged since Comey’s October 28 flip-flop. Maybe this “nudge” was enough. If the threat of exposure alone has been enough to force the Clinton campaign to “stand down”, even if the most damaging revelations never see the light of day, then the counter coup has given the Clintons and Washington a dose of their own blackmail poison. “Stand down, and we will let you go without exposing you. Or we will blow up the entire system.”

In this highly optimistic “peaceful surrender that leaves the system intact” scenario, which was suggested in the Steve Pieczenik video statement, the Establishment will permit Trump to win, and Hillary will be allowed to walk away like Richard Nixon: disgraced but not prosecuted.

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