Donald Trump and the Dangers of Expectation

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As the unexpected US president-elect took to the stage, the crowds erupted in jubilation, basking in the historic moment of populist revolution, certain that reform and change had finally come.

This describes Jimmy Carter’s election night win. And Barack Obama’s. As well as many more. Not just Donald Trump’s.

America has been here countless times. Each time, the people were hoodwinked.

In 1976, Jimmy Carter was the “humble peanut farmer” outsider who was expected to clean up the nation after the corruption of the Richard Nixon/Gerald Ford/Watergate era. Instead, the Carter administration was a bastion for David Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission and international bankers, and the foreign policy agenda of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan was expected to save America from the “malaise” of Carter. The aged Reagan was nearly assassinated shortly after taking office, and further rendered a doddering figurehead. The power was held by vice president George H.W. Bush, who would become the next president, and whose criminal apparatus and overriding influence and New World Order would continue to run or influence every presidential administration to the present.

In 1992, Bill Clinton was “The Man from Hope”, alongside “powerful new age woman” Hillary Clinton, slated to provide salvation from the horrors of the Iran-Contra/Gulf War and George H.W. Bush. Bill and Hillary Clinton, co-conspirators with the Bush network during the Iran-Contra era, continued the agenda of the Bushes, while posing as their adversaries.

ObamaIn 2008, charismatic Barack Obama arrived as the embodiment and symbol of change, expected to rescue a nation outraged and tired of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Obama declared that “change has come to America!”  Posters of Obama’s face with the word “Change” covered walls throughout the world. Instead, Obama, with Vice President Joe Biden and the State Departments of Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, continued and worsened the programs of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

So now, the question facing America and the world is:

President Trump: big liar going to Washington or Tribune of the People?

There are no clear answers.

Trump the enigma

Trump is a maverick and an independent who fits no pattern. He combines elements of old-line paleo-conservativism with libertarian ambivalence towards many social issues, and other views that fit no category. He has expressed contradictory views on numerous issues, and has shown no qualms about changing his mind.  He will disagree with those who advise him.

Is he a true anti-globalist, or a stealth establishment neocon? Is he a plant who has gamed the system for personal satisfaction, or on behalf of others?

Trump has hobnobbed with figures of the very “swamp” that his ardent supporters want him to “drain”, including those who believes must be “locked up”. He contributed to the Clinton Foundation, which he has since attacked as a criminal apparatus. He has golfed with Bill Clinton. The Clintons were invited to, and attended, his wedding. Trump is connected to convicted pedophile and Clinton crony Jeff Epstein (but likely did not participate in the pedophilia).

He is a proud mega-capitalist and a libertine, but has devoted his campaign to the issues of the disaffected. Richard Black, Republican senator from Virginia, believes that Trump will usher in a new era of cooperation with Russia and a retreat from foreign conquest. But he also advocates “American exceptionalism”, and muscular military that “kicks ass”.

He entertained a White House run previously as a third party candidate, but instead, for practical reasons,  conducted a hostile takeover of the Republican Party, outraging and alienating the Republican establishment (including the Bushes), making enemies of the Bushes, the Bush-aligned, and the mainstream right-wingers such as Paul Ryan.

Donald Trump is “his own man”—an unpredictable one.

Emerging Trump cabinet promises danger

Trump is but one man, entering a snake pit of corruption, criminality and intrigues. One man alone cannot run a government.

The Trump circle is already swarming with Republicans and neocons, including infamous figures from previous Bush administrations, and right-wing opportunists.

The presence of vice president-elect Mike Pence almost speaks for itself.

Pence is a super conservative neocon, who has supported all things Bush. He supported the Patriot Act, the Iraq War, is pro-torture (opposes the closing of Guantanamo Bay), and supports war in the Middle East and is hawkish on Russia. He supported the toppling of Libya, and thanked Hillary Clinton for doing it. He supports globalization and free trade agreements, supported NAFTA and CAFTA.

He is a corporatist who opposes banking and campaign finance reforms, who praised the criminal Supreme Court ruling in the Citizens United case that made corporations people. Although Trump openly disagreed with Pence on certain foreign policy issues, he trusts Pence, who now heads the transition team.

The list of names being floated for Trump cabinet positions raises alarms:

  • Gen. Michael Flynn, formerly of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Described as « America’s angriest general ». He is a fervent anti-terrorist, who adheres to the idea that America is under attack by outside enemies. His rage towards the Obama administration is based on personal slights (he was forced out) and the belief that Obama’s management of the “war on terrorism” was politicized. He is a major influence on the Trump foreign policy. Flynn believes that the Iraq War a strategic mistake by Bush. Flynn may be the originator of the favorite Trump talking point that ISIS was “created out of vacuum” of Iraq, and Obama/Clinton “stupidity” and “weakness”.
  • John Bolton, fanatical neocon. One of the most notorious warmongers of the Bush/Cheney administration, who continues to aggressively push regime change agendas.
  • James Woolsey , former CIA director, member of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), and fanatical war hawk
  • Stephen Hadley . The former National Security Adviser under Bush/Cheney, was one of the chief architects of the lies leading to the Iraq War. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He is a partner of RiceHadleyGates, a think tank that he runs alongside war criminals Condoleeza Rice and Robert Gates RiceHadleyGates. Hadley has pushed to attack Syria with missiles.
  • Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York. Mike Ruppert’s Crossing the Rubicon builds a strong case to question Giuliani’s possible operational connections to 9/11, including his knowledge of war games (which manipulated fighter jet response), emergency disaster drills (Office of Emergency Management), communications with Dick Cheney and the White House, and coordination of various federal and local agencies. Michel Chossudovsky notes in America’s “War on Terrorism” that Giuliani’s firm, Giuliani Security and Safety LLC specializes in “mock terror drills” and “emergency preparedness”. Giuliani was present in London during the 7/7 bombings in 2005.  Giuliani is cautious about the idea of prosecuting Hillary Clinton.
  • Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, is an evangelical Republican with standard Republican positions and presidential aspirations. He more recently came out against the Bushes, which has endeared him to Trump.
  • Newt Gingrich, infamous, corrupt and scandalized establishment Republican.
  • Alabama senator Jeff Sessions is a right-wing conservative who fervently supported Bush/Cheney’s war agenda as well as the Bush tax cuts and other Bush domestic programs.
  • Steve Mnuchin, rapacious Wall Street hedge fund and banking mogul, Goldman Sachs veteran, who also did business with George Soros
  • Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil, candidate for secretary of interior
  • Sarah Palin, corrupt and scandal-ridden former governor of Alaska, and John McCain running mate, lampooned celebrity; fanatical right-winger pushing a « Drill, baby, drill! » approach to energy policy.
  • Chris Christie , corrupt former New Jersey governor under criminal investigation for abuses of power. Like Trump, he is a blowhard celebrity and opportunist who has cozied up to both the Bushes and Obama. A former prosecutor, he is against prosecuting Hillary Clinton.
  • Possible choices for chief of staff include Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, or the Republican National Committee’s Reince Priebus.
  • House Speaker Paul Ryan. He openly withdrew his support from Trump months ago, with great animosity and vitriol, but claims to have had “fantastic conversations” with Trump since election night.

There are no independents on this list—and no Republicans that are not connected in some way to the Bushes.

Trump alone stands between himself and forces capable of co-opt his presidency, and worse. He faces opposition from a Congress full of Bush surrogates, and angry Hillary Clinton loyalists eager to destroy him.

Will Trump keep the burned bridges burned, or make amends with political enemies?

Will he hold true to the promises made to his supporters, or instead cave to the pressures and intimidation of the political players with whom he will be forced to work with?

Will Trump be threatened by New World Order figures, if he defies their agenda?

According to Roger Stone, an outside advisor to Trump, the greatest concern is for Trump’s personal safety.

Transition of tension

International reaction to Trump has been mixed, adding to global uncertainties. Trump’s win signaled an improvement in US-Russia relations, possibly averting an immediate nuclear conflict that would have come with a Hillary Clinton victory. Similarly, the leadership in China prefers Trump to future dealings with the even more antagonistic Clinton.

Trump and Obama had what appeared to be a cordial meeting to discuss the transition of power. However, it was a noticeably cooler meeting compared to the gleeful handovers between crime partners Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, and between George W. Bush and Obama.

However, Obama still has over one month in power, and can still start or provoke a war, set off false flag events, or cause financial chaos to force Trump’s presidency into a corner, even before it begins. A massive cyberattack of Russian banks on November 10 remains unexplained.

Obama would know this trick. In 2008, he inherited a financial crisis deliberately set off by Wall Street and the outgoing Bush/Cheney administration, an intractable war, and a deadlocked Congress (including Republicans who swore that they would never cooperate with him).

The hordes of “Madam President”

A behind-the-scenes counter coup staged by whistleblowers, and current and former military and intelligence officers, may have foiled Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid. As previously written:

There is one more remote possibility that would cast [FBI Director] Comey’s actions in a different light. Perhaps the counter coup has actually done its job, by having now publicly exposed the existence and possession of highly damaging evidence against the Clintons and much of Washington, capable of bringing the entire system down. The Hillary campaign did lose significant ground in the past week, while Trump has surged since Comey’s October 28 flip-flop. Maybe this “nudge” was enough. If the threat of exposure alone has been enough to force the Clinton campaign to “stand down”, even if the most damaging revelations never see the light of day, then the counter coup has given the Clintons and Washington a dose of their own blackmail poison. “Stand down, and we will let you go without exposing you. Or we will blow up the entire system.

In this highly optimistic ‘peaceful surrender that leaves the system intact’ scenario, which was suggested in the Steve Pieczenik video statement, the Establishment will permit Trump to win, and Hillary will be allowed to walk away like Richard Nixon: disgraced but not prosecuted.

Trump’s win may have been a result of this process. Another possibility is that Trump himself cut a deal, allowing Hillary to get off the hook (altogether or lightly), perhaps with Obama pardoning her, if she stood down.

But have Hillary Clinton and her apparatus given up?

Hillary may have put on the show of concession, but this has not stopped operatives from orchestrating violent protests around the country, fomenting carnage to reverse the election, to avenge their victimized martyr queen. The violence reeks of Democratic Party fronts exposed by Project Veritas. They are pushing America towards a civil war, as well as to an all-out race war.

The Obama administration has not lifted a finger to stop any of it so far.

Violent propaganda about “racist/sexist/misogynist/fascist/Russian agent/Hitler” Trump is being pumped out around the clock by the Clinton-controlled mainstream corporate media. Every mainstream newscast pushes a strong anti-Trump line. Hollywood celebrities and entertainment figures, whose dimwitted views drive much of popular opinion, are uniformly massing against Trump, calling for boycotts and protests. While the facts of Hillary Clinton’s criminality and fanatical views are whitewashed, the depiction of Trump as the world-ending demon has been coordinated to fuel and expand street violence.

The Clinton forces, who engaged in election fraud throughout the campaign and on election night, are now accusing the Trump campaign of fraud. They are pushing to flip the election results on December 19 by  strong-arming electors. They are likely concocting ways to add “previously lost” votes to the Hillary vote counts in disputed swing states.

If indeed a counter-coup was what “encouraged” Clinton to stand down, then yet another one may be needed between now and January 2017 to stop one last ditch attempt by the Clintons to grab power.

Too tall an order?

Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters and fans are embracing bombastic hopes that he will lead the greatest American revolution since 1776; that he will “drain the swamp”, clean out Washington, and usher in a sunny American future.

The odds are against him. But Trump is a businessman, and the art of business deals is compromise and negotiation, not purity. He must control the looming figures within his own cabinet, defend against legions of political enemies, battle a hostile Congress, a vicious mainstream media, and deal with hatred from segments of a deeply divided nation.

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