Double Standards: Unrelenting Anti-Trump Media Campaign, Coverup of Hillary « Racketeering Charges »
Par Stephen Lendman, 05 juin 2016

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Make no mistake. A Trump presidency would be disastrous domestically and geopolitically.

A previous article said his only redeeming quality is he’s not Hillary Clinton, The Times favorite, endorsing her candidacy, ignoring her criminal record as first lady partnered with husband Bill, US senator and secretary of state.

She’s vulnerable to racketeering charges, the Clinton Foundation a covert criminal enterprise masquerading as a charitable NGO, selling influence for millions of dollars in contributions, the Clintons enriching themselves hugely while falsely claiming to do good.

The latest Times anti-Trump rant claims he “could threaten US rule of law,” citing “conservative and libertarian” sources agreeing with its point of view, ignoring fantasy US democracy, tyranny begun under Bill Clinton, hardened under Bush, institutionalized under Obama.

International law no longer matters. Constitutional law is null and void. Police state ruthlessness replaced it.

On issues relating to war and peace, corporate favoritism and cracking down hard on popular resistance, both wings of US duopoly governance march in lockstep.

America was never beautiful, its privileged few alone served, notably under Clinton, Bush and Obama, likely rising to an unprecedented level of unbridled militarism, corporate favoritism and crackdowns on remaining freedoms if Hillary becomes America’s 45th president – a terrifying possibility, The Times suppressing what’s vital to explain.

It claims Trump’s “constitutional worldview…shows contempt for the First Amendment, the separation of powers, and the rule of law,” – ignoring Obama’s war on press freedom throughout his tenure, threatening independent journalism, criminalizing whistleblowers exposing government wrongdoing more than all his predecessors combined.

The late Helen Thomas (1920 – 2013) covered five decades of presidential politics, beginning in the Kennedy years.

She publicly complained about Obama’s press controlling efforts, calling it “really shocking,” saying “(w)hat the hell do they think we are, puppets?”

Press control under Obama is worse than anything earlier, she explained. Throughout his tenure, he waged war on fundamental freedoms, exceeding the worst of George Bush.

Mass surveillance became institutionalized, rule of law principles ignored, information control elevated to a whole new level.

Trump has no political record on which to judge him, just his campaign bluster and demagoguery. Clinton’s rap sheet would automatically disqualify her in just societies.

She’d be in prison, not likely to become Democrat party nominee in July, a testimony to America’s debauched political system, honoring its worst, demeaning or punishing its best.

The Times claiming “electing Mr. Trump is a recipe for a constitutional crisis” ignores its deplorable state, tyranny heading toward becoming full-blown, rule of law governance nonexistent, endless imperial wars raging, America’s domestic and foreign gulag the world’s largest, filled with thousands of political prisoners.

Trump if elected president assures dirty business as usual. Hillary succeeding Obama risks WW III.

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