U.S. Election 2016: No Matter Who Wins, Everyone Loses. « And Moving to Mars is not a Current Option »

The United States has one party, the Permanent Ruling Party.  Some call one branch the « Democrats », some call the other branch the « Republicans ».  While there are surface differences, both wings of the Party support the same things:  permanent war; Israel; illegal migration; hatred of Arabs and Muslims.  Neither arm criticizes a huge military budget or the vast sums spent on the various intelligence services, whose main job seems to be spying on American citizens. 

Indeed, political discourse in the US seems focused on politically immaterial, nonsensical things, such as homosexual marriage or use of « Transgender Toilet Wars ».  Race and Sex, of all possible kinds and variations, have great currency in this conversation.  As the Israeli musician, Gilad Atzmon, said, the American Left does not concentrate on significant matters like war, peace, or unemployment.

Whenever outsiders attempt to create a second party (or, even, a third), the « Lame-Stream » Media pillory them as extremists, « spoilers », or crackpots.  The few corporations which control most of radio, television, and the national newspapers preach the stability of the « two » political parties and allege that additional groups would weaken the nation, just as they have done in other countries.  None ever examined the hard questions which Ross Perot and Ralph Nader had previously posed in their bids for president.

Today, less than a week before the US general election, the media (and the body politic) are obsessed with Hillary Clinton’s charges that Russia is supposedly manipulating the American voting system or that Donald Trump holds deplorable views on women, migrants, and Muslims.  Not one word is printed or spoken about voter claims that the politicians do not represent them but, rather, special interests.  People cling to their party beliefs:  Democrats are right and Republicans are wrong (or the reverse).

One contact in heavily-Democratic Montana noted that the working-class there does not ever question the national candidate’s credentials.  Others, elsewhere, believe that the straight Republican ticket is the path to salvation.

Reality, does not, apparently, intrude anywhere.

Hillary Clinton’s backers repeat the canard that Donald Trump is in league with Russia.  They assert they are right because the US intelligence services say so–without proof.  They claim that Donald Trump is unfit to be president because George Bush, pere et fils, say so, as do their administrations’ former officials.  But there’s never a thought as to what the Bush family and their appointees have done to South and Southwest Asia, the Balkans, North Africa, and Latin America.

There’s nary a word about the questionable activities of the Clinton Foundation, buying and selling favors and entrée to decision-makers.  No media outlet examines Hillary Clinton’s role in the destruction of Libya or Syria, or, her influence on her husband to bomb Yugoslavia. 

To the US media, the American-sponsored coup in the Ukraine, with input from Hillary and Clintonista Victoria Nuland, never happened. And we’ve all forgotten Hillary’s sway in the Waco, Texas massacre.  The continuing email scandal leads to the bigger story of the true role and function of the Clinton Foundation, now being outed as a money-laundering operation.  Credible rumors emanating from the FBI indicate a deep split within that agency.  Dedicated agents in many field offices have gathered evidence against the Clinton Foundation.  Yet, they are reputedly struggling with high-level officials seeking to protect that organization from any investigation.

The plot thickens with the addition of Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director, receiving a campaign donation from the Clinton Foundation for his wife’s political campaign activities.  (This came just after his appointment in January 2016 when the FBI probe of Hillary Clinton he was heading heated up. This predated Bill Clinton’s peculiar meeting with Attorney General Lynch on her private plane about their grandchildren.)  The email case is back on track after new evidence emerged from the seizure of Huma Abedin’s former husband’s computer.  (He, Anthony Weiner, had been under investigation for online pedophilia.)  Some of the 650,000 emails found were related to the separate FBI search for Clinton’s missing emails.

Donald Trump does and says outrageous and often disgusting things.  His coarse, rude remarks about women and some opponents go beyond « locker room talk ».  He wants strict controls on Muslim immigrants, he thinks « open borders » encourage racism, and so on.  These enable his opponents to castigate him as a « loose cannon ». Trump doesn’t seem able to articulate a coherent plan to improve the American economy, end the « forever war », or rein in military spending or the intelligence services.  He does not recognize that the United States is behind al-Qaeda, ISIL, ISIS, IS, or D’aish.  Yet, he wants to fight it/them ferociously.

Besides stories about underhanded business deals involving the Republican candidate,  there is also a separate lawsuit now filed against Trump.  He is seen as being connected to an investigation of  Jeffrey Epstein for pedophilia.  Epstein had been a procurer for the elites and engaged in blackmail in connection therewith.

But Trump is right about one thing:  election fraud in the United States.

More and more examples of the « traditional » form of ballot-box tampering are appearing.  In Harrisonburg, Virginia, students recently re-registered dead people as voters.  (In 1960, corpses in Chicago gave John F. Kennedy Illinois’ Electoral College ballots and the presidency.)  A former intelligence officer and State Department official stated that when he was voting early in Florida, a woman was caught at the polling place attempting to cast a second ballot.  In explanation, he heard her say that an « ethnic website » had urged her to do that.  (And, given the increasing outcry against US States attempting to require voter identification, there’s likely more electoral hanky-panky going on.  After all, you even need ID to get a book out of the library in America.)

But now, there’s a new form of election tampering.

In the past, when Ross Perot and Ralph Nader sought the presidency, the mass media tagged them as « spoilers », out of step with the mainstream.  Now, there is a concerted attack on Donald Trump as an « outsider », unbeholden to traditional interests.  The assault on Trump is far more intense and concentrated than the batterings given the other two as they campaigned outside the pale.  The D.C. newspaper, the Washington Post, has, likely, gone beyond its efforts to get Richard Nixon out of office.  Then, in the midst of Watergate, the paper had a negative article about  Nixon on the front page almost every day until his resignation.  Now, the Post devotes entire pages to virulently unfavorable pieces on Trump while sanitizing the dirt on Clinton.  TV and radio follow suit.

If the journal prints anything unfavorable about Clinton, it’s only because another organization had been carrying it.  « Conspiracy theorists » might term this brainwashing without using soap.  Certainly, as Nazi propagandist Josef Goebbels said:  “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

And what does Herr Goebbels’ statement have to do with the future of the US?  And why will everyone lose, no matter who wins the election?

We’ll continue to get more of what we have now:  war, inflated military and intelligence service budgets, and renewed focus on irrelevant and immaterial things.  Clinton’s hostility towards Russia, Syria, and Iran, plus her blind support for and deference to Israel does not bode well for America’s future.  Trump’s lack of intellectual vigor, his tendency toward erratic behavior, and vow to smash ISIL mean no real change for the better.  Worse, the bureaucracy, which supports the status quo, will likely operate from the shadows as the de facto government of the United States.

Whatever happens, either candidate could well be indicted as part of an investigation or lawsuit already underway that would make Watergate and Iran-Contra pale by comparison.

And moving to Mars is not a current option.

Articles Par : J. Michael Springmann

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