Erdogan Thugs Rough-up Press, Protesters in Washington – No Outrage From White House
Par Patrick Henningsen, 02 avril 2016
21st Century Wire 1 avril 2016
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NATO’s ugly stepchild, Turkey, has been having trouble of late.

After shooting down a Russian jet back in November and then lying about it after-the-fact, Turkey was then exposed for its seedy role in facilitating the flow of oil stolen by ISIS from Syria, and then sent into Turkey.

In addition to shifting ISIS oil, it was then revealed how weapons and terrorists have been moving freely into Northern Syria from Turkey – with the full knowledge of the Turkish security services. The Turkish MP who broke this story was then charged with treason by the Erdogan government.

If that isn’t enough, Turkey then began a campaign of state oppression by targeting journalists and newspapers who were critical of leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s political machine (still clinging to power in Ankara). The embattled authoritarian regime then took its act on the road, to a city which always welcomes its dictators with open arms… Washington DC.

Unfortunately, Erdogan’s henchmen thought they were still in Ankara when they attacked journalists and protesters yesterday in the nation’s capital. Erdogan’s thugs forgot they were in the US, where some press and citizens still have rights.

As expected, total silence on the incident by President Obama and his US State Department. Silence is consent. Of course, if this happened at a Donald Trump event, we would never hear the end of it from the media and the Obama administration – but because it’s by a NATO member (and an actual fascist government), well then, that’s perfectly acceptable for mandarins in Washington.

Clearly, Turkey’s media crackdown knows no borders…

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