FBI Director Comey’s « Flip Flop » Two Days before Election Succumbs to Pressures from Above….
Par Joachim Hagopian, 09 novembre 2016

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With each near daily bombshell blast in the final two weeks before the US presidential election on November 8th, millions of Americans desiring to understand the real truth of the “bigger picture” are consumed in speculation overdrive to arrive at a clear explanation of why these perplexing major turn of events are unfolding as they have at this critical time in history. In other words, beyond surface appearance, what are the underlying dynamics driving these critical events and decisions directly shaping both our immediate and long term future?

Foremost amongst these developments has been FBI Director James Comey’s (image right) letter to Congress leaked on Friday October 27th just eleven days prior to the election stating the FBI after Comey “cleared” Hillary last July was suddenly reopening its investigationover Hillary’s unsecured internet server based on new evidence found on Hillary’s top aide husband Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Then from that bombshell came the torrent of speculated reasons why Comey would bother to reopen Hillary’s can of worms so close to Election Day along with predictable cries of foul play from the Hillary camp, like Senator Harry Reid’s proposed lawsuit allegedly violating the Hatch Act which prohibits FBI officials from influencing election outcomes. And now only two days before Election Day, Comey has once again closed the investigation with yet another feeble false claim that Hillary never engaged in anycriminal behavior, essentially assuring she will win Tuesday’s election.

On Sunday Comey wrote to Congress:

Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Secretary Clinton. I am very grateful to the professionals at the FBI for doing an extraordinary amount of high-quality work in a short-period of time.

Comey praises his FBI for analyzing 650,000 emails in eight days, that’s less than one second per email. His flip flopping mind-fuck game strategically timed less than 48 hours before American citizens began casting their votes begs for honest explanation that we already know will not be forthcoming from a rancidly corrupt deep state.

What is absolutely clear based on released emails is that Hillary jeopardized national security repeatedly, a felony involving espionage that makes her unfit to even run for office. When whistleblowers unprotected by the federal whistleblower act serve prison time for far less, disclosing governmental wrongdoing of the worst order, and Hillary gets off scot free, that’s a travesty of justice that makes a mockery of our two-tiered justice system.

Secondly, Clinton even ordered her maid to print classified material.

Thirdly, Hillary and her top aides have perjured themselves repeatedly.

Fourthly, her “pay for play” racket with her Clinton Foundation in 2014 giving less than 6% to charities and otherwise filling millions into her and Bill’s coffers, even using it to pay for daughter Chelsea’s wedding, racking up yet more serious crimes. As of a year ago, their corrupt tax exempt foundation, which the FBI is still investigating, has swindled nearly $2 billion.

As Secretary of State she sold America down the drain to foreign state interests as well as corrupt foreign high-rolling bidders, arming the rest of the world for the global war she intends to launch against Russia and Iran. She even sold 20% of our nation’s uranium ore to her sworn enemy Russia. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf States gave millions in gifts to the Clinton’s unholy foundation after Hillary arranged sweet arms deals while she knew they actively financed ISIS terrorists, the largest terrorist organization that she and Obama created. That alone makes her and Obama US traitors for not only aiding and abetting the enemy but creating one too.

So Comey letting Hillary off the hook on Sunday [again] should come as no real surprise. The only real surprise arose on October 27th.

But the leaked contents from the NYPD investigators alleging that Bill and Hillary both participated in registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex ring along with angry FBI factions leading an open rebellion against Comey’s weak corrupt leadership knowing Hillary was guilty as sin was what pushed Comey to reopen the investigation.

Moreover, recently leaked Hillary campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails include encrypted code words commonly pertaining to child sex ring lingo. Comey had far more to lose by not reopening it. So he did what all slimy technocrats do to cover his ass. And now that he once again has folded, expect those brave honest rank and file officers and agents from both NYPD and the FBI to risk their lives busting the murderous Clinton crime family wide open. The NYPD chief saying he will provide WikiLeaks with the hardcore evidence he said he made copies of or release it directly to the public himself. Hillary’s horrendous criminal track record and her rigged election have irreparably damaged America, staining our nation so corrupt and broken beyond repair to become a modern day Babylon.

Further tainting Comey and his FBI is his Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, selected to oversee the Clinton investigation. Just prior to his promotion to second in charge, the Clintons through their Super-PACS gave anywhere from a half up to a million dollars in campaign donations to McCabe’s wife running for state senate seat. This over the top conflict of interest also goes far to explain why the FBI leaders refuse to charge Hillary with a multitude of crimes for which she is so obviously guilty.

Just when it appeared the Clinton crime cabal was finally being held accountable, Comey once again succumbed to mounting pressures from the pro-Clinton forces, namely his boss Attorney General Loretta Lynch and her boss President Obama who both know that should the Clintons go down, so would they.

Obama and Lynch are equally guilty as corrupt servants serving their masters that insist on Hillary as their next presidential puppet, at least for a little while.

But Republican Congressman Steve King just said that Congress has access to all those Weiner laptop emails and will vigorously pursue investigating Hillary thoroughly where the FBI refuses, confirming she may be impeached on her first say in office. As the elite’s pedophile whore faces pending impeachment and jail time, the planet’s rulers would rather destroy America in a most egregious, humiliating way on full public display before the world. This method ensures that the US will become the global pariah receiving its karmic due for being the most bloodthirsty, bullying murderous nation in the history of the world.

Analyzed purely from the perspective that the mainstream media and to no small degree even the so called independent media is controlled by a half dozen mega-media giants owned and operated by six oligarch kingpins, the ruling elite is responsible for both engineering and manipulating virtually every major global event and development now unfolding anywhere and everywhere on earth as well as determining how each gets reported by the press.

Such tight control over both events and how they’re covered for the masses gives the public an extremely limited, completely biased and false information lens by which to discern the “truth.” And as such, over 90% of all news outflow disseminated to citizens of the world is incredibly locked in and controlled by just these six powerbrokers. This means very little truth has any chance of getting through to the people. And without the internet, there’d be no chance.

As far as CNN, AP, Reuters, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, NPR, the New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, LA Times and Boston Globe go, divergent views amongst these MSM powerhouses are few and far between. During this election cycle they have all been flagrantly controlled by the Hillary crime cabal government with the possible exception of Rupert Murdock’s Fox and theNew York Post as the only Trump-friendly giants of the lot. In a recent study examining 588 news stories on the three major commercial networks, 91% of the news focused on negative Trump coverage while minimizing negative stories about Clinton despite WikiLeaks‘ relentless release of criminal evidence against her cartel.

But all this Orwellian spun deception and propaganda have not been enough to convince Americans that mainstream media tells the truth, which has only increased support for the outsider Trump. So in droves especially in the under 50 crowd are increasingly seeking news and information from internet sources, typically shared on various social networks like Twitter and Facebook although all the internet giants Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo have been completely co-opted as invasive tentacles of an oppressive federal government, increasingly censoring, screening, spying and feeding the totalitarian control apparatus of NSA and Homeland Security. Privacy rights on the internet are now nonexistent.

But with the enormous email dumps that WikiLeaks has provided, the ugly truth of how corrupt and dishonest the political system is in America is plain for anyone possessing half a brain to see. And as shocking and lowdown as the sordid detailed leaks of our political machine so rigged by unscrupulous, immoral players are, exposing their cronyism, after nearly two years of nonstop email leaks, the American public has become desensitized to the sheer and vast amount of Clinton fraud and criminality. Similar to the saturation effects from mass media violence, sex and propaganda brainwashing generations through decades of social engineering and mind control, mass media consumers worldwide bombarded 24/7 are now living in a virtual world bubble, resulting in a dumbed down, detached numbness that has insidiously, unconsciously taken hold. As a result,passivity, apathy and short attention spanned escapism rule the day for mindless billions on this planet.

These are the globalized zombies, the walking dead incapable of critical thinking or expressing an original thought, glued to their electronic gadgetry, and lost to a virtual world non-reality superimposed on them by the earth’s rulers. By design, this sad and pathetic outcome is exactly what the elite wants us to become – docile, unthinking, obedient robots.

Also by preplanned design, America’s first black president has US citizens more polarized and at odds, divided and conqueredsince the Civil War along class, ideological, racial, religious and gender lines based partially on the cultural and social conditioning that’s elevated the artificial diabolical edifice of Political Correctness. Instead of free speech and freedom of thought, we now have PC thought police creating a culture of distrust, eliminating honest dialogue, coercing people to be afraid to express their true opinions and perceptions for fear of having their careers and lives destroyed by the militant PC machine led by the likes of Obama, his minions and his New World Order architects controlling both his and our every move and utterance.

In spite of a growing percentage of the global population turning to the internet for more objective news analyses and a more accurate accounting of reality in our increasingly truth-starved world, there remains a tendency to oversimplify power into a monolithic structure of totalitarian control when actually there are conflicting, competing, fragmented forces operating within both the government as well as the media.

Perhaps in the context of the on again/off again Hillary investigation, what we’re seeing is that dichotomy in action. Certain insider intelligence sources like Steve Pieczenik’s videos claiming responsibility for supplyingWikiLeaks (as opposed to the Democrats’ lame blame game of Putin) for all the hacked material incriminating the current deep state regime have been allowed to shake the tree but not tear out the  rotten roots of the elite’s power base.

Clearly at least some elements within deep state have made the decision to distance themselves from Hillary, moving forward to plant seeds of destruction designed to eventually take down the Clinton crime syndicate still entrenched in Washington. But the pervasive power structure behind her fixed presence in US power politics epitomizes her ruling masters, so in the end ultimately they decided to call off her rapid demise with another “no criminality” white flag issued Sunday by FBI puppet lackey James Comey.

So the American politic machine so thoroughly tainted, dripping in corruption still reigns supreme for Election Day.Electronically fixed voting machines combined with blatantly widespread election and voter fraud all meticulously put into place over this last year to ensure a fixed election outcome favorable to the ruling class remains unchanged.

As the long anointed successor of Obama as our nation destroyer, Hillary will finish the job he treasonously began. Yet that job was really the same globalist design operating over 50 years ago that pulled off the original inside job of the JFK assassination, eliminating the last vestige of an American leader truly operating on behalf of the people. So the then shadow rogue government that hijacked our nation in 1963 flourished under the JFK co-conspirator Johnson-Nixon Vietnam War era only to continue to seize unprecedented power under the globalist tutelage of Kissinger and Brzezinski throughout the seamless treasonous presidential dynasty of Bush1-Clinton1-Bush2-Obama-Clinton2.

Another key turning point in America’s downfall was the globalists’ inside job of 9/11. It became the preplanned pretext for their “new Pearl Harbor,” leading to their “endless war on terror.” After having secretly created Wahhabi jihadist terrorism with Saudi Arabia nearly four decades ago to fight Russians in the Afghan “graveyard of empires,” ever since the US has been backing terrorists and state sponsored terrorism globally while pretending to fight their mercenary terrorist allies in order to fully exploit “national security” as their false pretense for dismantling America’s rule of law – our no longer upheld Constitution that once guaranteed our civil rights and freedom.

Meanwhile, intelligence insider Steve Pieczenik is coming off as the cavalry to the rescue in several videos released this last week, taking credit for Comey reopening the Hillary investigation as validation of his counter-coup’s success. But now it appears it was nothing more than a brief weeklong tease as a deep state sendup suddenly giving citizens resurging false hope (and we all know how the last one turned out with Obama preying on our hope to ride his Trojan horse right into the White House). Instead of Pieczenik’s second revolution becoming the next shot heard around the world, it quickly died as the fizzle that never really was, despite touting that his “quiet bloodless revolution” promoting truth and justice will now just have to wait.

Comey’s Sunday announcement means that it’s back to business as usual in Washington with Hillary’s victory on Tuesday all but assured. The Reuters/Ipsos States of the Nation projects the crime boss has a 90% chance of winning now.  Pieznezik has now backed off from making his initial bold counter-coup claim. Now he speaks in terms of someday taking the Clintons down and someday rooting out the evil elements in Washington. But we must realize that that “someday” will now have to wait until after the globalists first execute their Armageddon plan. Humanity’s once again back on the elite’s demonic path plunging straight towards World War III against Russia, China and Iran that will destroy America and its Western vassals timed with collapse of the elite’s Ponzi schemed global economy, that is if it doesn’t go nuclear and destroy all life on our planet. Tragically, it now appears as though America will go down first before the unholy Clinton-Bush-Obama trio burn in hell.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

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