FEAR INC. – Istanbul Airport. Gunmen Open Fire, Multiple Bombs, Western Media Claims ISIS Behind Attack

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We’re told so far that 36 people including 5 police officers have been killed, with another 60 injured, after three suicide bombers have attacked the international arrivals terminal at Istanbul Ataturk Airport this evening, following an exchange of gunfire with Turkish aviation security.

Police are said to have exchanged gunfire with gunmen before bombs were finally detonated inside the departures terminal, and outside in an adjacent parking structure.

Istanbul’s Ataturk International Airport is one of the world’s largest and busiest airports, connecting western and eastern hemispheres, with footfall on par with London’s Heathrow Airport and Charles De Gaulle International in Paris.


IMAGE: ABC News 13

Some early eye witness reports have already been returned, reports Reuters:

“There was a huge explosion, extremely loud. The roof came down. Inside the airport it is terrible, you can’t recognize it, the damage is big,” said Ali Tekin, who was at the arrivals hall waiting for a guest when the attack took place.

A German woman named Duygu, who was at passport control entering Turkey, said she threw herself onto the floor with the sound of the explosion. Several witnesses also reported hearing gunfire shortly before the attacks.

“Everyone started running away. Everywhere was covered with blood and body parts. I saw bullet holes on the doors,” she said outside the airport.”

Reuters then added:

“A witness told Reuters that security officials prevented his taxi and other cars from entering the airport at around 9:50 pm (1850 GMT). Drivers leaving the terminal shouted “Don’t enter! A bomb exploded!” from their windows to incoming traffic, he said.

Television footage showed ambulances rushing to the scene. One witness told CNN Turk that gunfire was heard from the car park at the airport. Taxis were ferrying wounded people from the airport, the witness said.”

Following the attack in Istanbul, Turkish authorities have stated that there has been no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. Still, however, the media is moving into overdrive in advancing the “ISIS” narrative.

Over the past year, Turkey has seen a string of violent attacks in major cities, including the capital in Ankara, with the blame being laid on Kurdish PKK militants and also some attributed to ISIS. They are as follows:


7 June, Istanbul: Car bomb kills seven police officers and four civilians. Claimed by Kurdish militant group TAK

19 March, Istanbul: Suicide bomb kills four people in shopping street. IS blamed.

13 March, Ankara: Car bomb kills 34. Claimed by TAK.

17 February, Ankara: 29 killed in attack on military busses. Claimed by TAK

12 January, Istanbul: 11 Germans killed by Syrian bomber in tourist area


23 December, Istanbul: Bomb kills cleaner at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport. Claimed by TAK

10 October, Ankara: More than 100 killed at peace rally outside railway station. Claimed by IS

20 July, Suruc, near Syrian border: 34 people killed in bombing in Kurdish town. IS blamed

Source: BBC News

Despite the fact that there has been absolutely no confirmation about who carried out this three-pronged attack, the international media, led by CNN, are already claiming that these attacks ‘do fit the profile of ISIS’.

Sensationalist media merchants at CNN are already promoting a new upgrade from the passésuicide bomber, to the new upgraded terrorist model, complete with a new term, ‘enhamazi’ (Arabic derivative of the Japanese ‘kamikazi’), or “Suicide Fighters” – allegedly, these are terrorists who don’t just blow themselves up, but instead show up with automatic weapons to shoot as many people as possible before detonating their suicide vests and killing more people.

The media claim that this is an ISIS attack based on The Brussels Attacks that was said to have killed 16 people in March of this year at Brussels International airport, which authorities alleged was carried out by the Islamic State militants, although plentiful evidence from the event strongly suggests that aspects of the so-called ‘terror attack’ were staged-managed, at least from a media stand-point, and possibly throughout the ‘attack’ itself.

Will today’s event be viewed as an Attack on NATO member Turkey, and thus be used somehow as a pretext for military aggression by NATO in Syria?

With the geopolitical tension already reaching a fever pitch due to western military activity led by the US along the southern Turkey and northern Syrian border, and with Russian forces present in Syria, today’s event is almost certain to trigger calls for increased military intervention by the US and its allies in what Washington DC claims is primarily a ‘fight against ISIS’, but in reality is being used in order to enact a long-standing US-UK policy of regime change by removing the government of Bashar al Assad in Damascus.

Based on what we are seeing in Istanbul today, it seems as if GLADIO B has in fact resumed.

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