GR Weekend Reader: U.S. Elections “November Chaos”: What You’re Not Being Told

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U.S. Elections “November Chaos”: What You’re Not Being Told

By James Corbett and Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 04 2016

The FBI’s October surprise has thrown the 2016 election into November chaos. But an examination of the trigger mechanism behind this event reveals a deeper layer of manipulation by the media and financial interests behind the election.

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Corrupt Clinton Crime Cartel Along with Hillary’s Presidential Hopes Are Crumbling…

By Joachim Hagopian, November 03 2016

Nearly four months after James Comey announced to the world back in early July that the FBI investigation was closed and that he would not seek an indictment against Hillary Clinton for violating any federal laws, now suddenly a tectonic shift has taken place and for the Clinton crime family, the dirt may finally be hitting the fan. As a result, humanity might be spared from a World War III project which was part of her election campaign, that would virtually be a done deal should Hillary become president.


U.S. Election 2016: No Matter Who Wins, Everyone Loses. “And Moving to Mars is not a Current Option”

By J. Michael Springmann, November 04 2016

The United States has one party, the Permanent Ruling Party.  Some call one branch the “Democrats”, some call the other branch the “Republicans”.  While there are surface differences, both wings of the Party support the same things:  permanent war; Israel; illegal migration; hatred of Arabs and Muslims.  Neither arm criticizes a huge military budget or the vast sums spent on the various intelligence services, whose main job seems to be spying on American citizens.


The Lethal Lie of Hillary Clinton: “Saving Lives” with “No-Fly Zone” in Syria. “Russian Roulette with the Planet”

By Luciana Bohne, November 04 2016

Why are they lying? Because the people don’t want war: they want jobs and bread. They will not agree to murder people who have done them no harm.  They will consent to war if told they are under attack or that the war will save other people from genocide, rape, or other gross violations of human rights. The people are not interested in world domination, but the elite are. The people are, therefore, the enemy within. They must be persuaded to support the elite’s plan by perverting their decency. They must be made to cringe in fear. They must be made to believe that war—any war—will be defensive. This is the tactic of terrorists: terrorizing the population to obtain political ends.


Al Qaeda will Vote for Hillary on November 8 ….

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, November 04 2016

Al Qaeda rebels, ISIS-Daesh, are unbending supporters of Hillary, because when she becomes President of the United States, “she’ll continue to support us, give us money and weapons, … “ “We’re voting for you, Hillary, on November 8. We’ll cast our absentee ballots from more than twenty countries where the CIA is helping us. We’re not terrorists, we’re the “Moderate Good Guys”. We’re supported by Hillary Clinton, and Hillary is not a terrorist. If she were a terrorist, we wouldn’t vote for her…  ”


President Al-Assad: America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia Support and Protect Al Qaeda-ISIS-Daesh Terrorists

By Bashar al Assad, November 04 2016

In an interview given to the Serbian newspaper Politika, President al-Assad said that Russia is very serious and very determined to continue fighting the terrorists, while the Americans base their politics on a different value as they use the terrorists as a card to play the political game to serve their own interests at the expense of the interests of other countries in the world.

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Unprecedented Crisis, Collapse of the Clinton Apparatus? Hacker Whistleblowers, Trump, and the FBI Converge

By Larry Chin, November 01 2016

With one week left in the most chaotic and dangerous presidential contest in American history, the Hillary Rodham Clinton campaign is damaged and sinking. Even the propaganda protection of the Clinton-controlled mainstream corporate media is starting to buckle.


Wall Street and the Pentagon: Pre-Mature Political and Military Ejaculations

By Prof. James Petras, November 03 2016

Brazil and Argentina, the most powerful and richest countries in South America and the Philippines, Washington’s most strategic military platform in Southeast Asia, were the objects of intense US political operations in the run-up to 2016. In each instance, Wall Street and the Pentagon secured smashing successes leading to premature ejaculations over the ‘new golden era’ of financial pillage and unfettered military adventures.  Unfortunately, the early ecstasy has turned to agony: Wall Street made easy entries and even faster departures once the ‘honeymoon’ gave way to reality.

Goldman Sachs

Partners in Crime: Goldman Sachs, the Clintons and Wall Street

By Shawn Helton, November 04 2016

As the public and most of the mainstream media is still processing the political bombshell concerning the newly reopened FBI probe into the Hillary Clinton’s email server case – the global investment banking firm Goldman Sachs quietly endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate this past week.

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Hillary and Bill Clinton: “Pay-to-Play Racketeering”, The “Bonnie and Clyde” of American Politics

By Wayne Madsen, November 04 2016

Whether the information originated from hacked e-mails and computer files or Freedom of Information Act requests, the revelations about the political and business activities of Hillary and Bill Clinton and their cronies hearken back to another era, the Great Depression of the 1930s and the crime spree of another unscrupulous couple: bank robbery desperados Bonnie and Clyde.


Video: Corruption, Cooptation, Cronyism: The Hillary Clinton “Takeover”, The “Counter-Coup”, Action of America’s Intelligence Community

By Steve Pieczenik, November 02 2016

The following video presentation is by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who has served as foreign policy expert in several US administrations including Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. The analysis and focus presented below must be taken very seriously.  It sheds light on the ongoing political crisis in the US and the opposition which is developing from within the US intelligence community against the Clinton crime cabal.  Steve Piecznick is articulate and outspoken.

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