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« J’ai signé le courrier et je l’ai envoyé aux créanciers, passablement écœuré.
C’était un fruit des ténèbres, et je reconnais qu’il m’appartient.
 » Varoufakis

Avertissement : La série d’articles que je consacre au livre de Varoufakis, Conversations entre Adultes, …

Do not go to Japan. Do not under any circumstances take your children to Japan, because you don’t know what you’re eating and where the food is sourced…

And the Japanese are trying now to export their radioactive food

Image: Prof Michel Chossudovsky

On Tuesday, the Hague ruled that China has no legal basis for its claims in the South China Sea. Asked to comment, Michel Chossudovsky, the director of the Montreal-based Center for Research on Globalization, told Sputnik

The Fukushima disaster is not over and will never end.

The radioactive fallout which remains toxic for hundreds to thousands of years covers large swaths of Japan will never be ‘cleaned up’ and will contaminate food, humans and animals