Hillary Clinton: America’s « Macho-Girl Commander-in-chief »?

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 It would indeed be a great achievement to see a woman president of the United States; a strong but compassionate woman, who could ensure that America would be a force for peace in the world and a creator of a strong economy at home.

Instead, we have as a presidential candidate, a confirmed warmonger driven by a desire to be as macho as any male dictator. She is prepared to instigate conflict wherever she thinks fit to prove that, just as she recommended the break-­up of Syria and the de-stabilisation of Libya that made it a failed state which now threatens the entire Middle East, she would make Israel into an aggressive, armed fortress: a militarised American satellite state in the Middle East from where she could despatch F35 war planes around the world to target, bomb and fireball civilian and military installations, (at the direction of the AIPAC lobby), thereby provoking the probability of global war.

Is this what America and the international community really want for ourselves and our children?

At one time, the Democratic Party of America was a party of peace: ­ a strongly principled coalition that believed implicitly in human and civil rights, both at home and abroad. That belief sadly has temporarily been suspended as maybe 50% of Democrats mistakenly think that an aggressive, resentful woman (who would rather be a man), might strengthen the US economy and keep America great.

Sadly, she no more has the ability to do that than she has the ability to make a pork chop, kosher.

Hillary Clinton is desperate to prove that she has both balls and brains. Is this description sexist? Emphatically not! A female president of the United States would be an amazing achievement both for gender equality and human rights and, of course, for America. But this vengeful woman would be a terrible choice.

The deliberate destruction of the rich Libyan oil producing state to facilitate its takeover by ISIL Islamic terrorists who now threaten Europe and the world, was the last great ‘achievement’ of this putative presidential candidate. Let us ensure, for our own safety, that the United States and the world are spared any more.

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