Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump. Our Only Choice is Between a Mendacious War Criminal and a Racist Egomaniac
Par Anthony Freda, 05 mars 2016
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Our only choice may be between a corrupt, mendacious war criminal and a seemingly unhinged egomaniac.

We will have no other options. We are prisoners to the divide-and-conquer duopoly.

Not voting, or voting for a sane candidate from a third party is insane.

Voting for power-mad psychopaths is perfectly rational.


Why throw your vote away on a « loser » when you can use it to help elect a despot?

One candidate helped lie us into the Iraq War and build the police state, and the other sprang from her legacy of chaos and failure like a mutated creature spawned in a fallout zone.

Both are intent on imposing their twisted agendas upon the world, backed up by the staggering might of empire, but  « My devil is not as evil as yours »

This is the suicidal, national consensus born of mass narcissism, mutual paranoia and communal hypocrisy posing as pragmatism.

Anthony Freda

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