Hillary Clinton’s Prophecy! Trump’s Statements Encourage the Recruitment of Terrorists?
Par Rev. Richard Skaff, 04 janvier 2016

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Mrs. Hillary Clinton presidential democratic candidate proclaimed in the last Democratic debate on December 19, 2015 (less than two weeks ago) that presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump by inciting hatred against Muslims was becoming the best recruiter for ISIS, and that ISIS is using his video clips to incite hatred.

Ironically, the oracle of Delphi, Mrs. Clinton has fulfilled her prophecy. CBS evening news reported tonight on 01-02-16, that Al Shabab, a Somalia based Al Qaeda affiliate has circulated on the internet a video using Donald Trump’s statements as a recruitment tool for their alleged cause of an Islamic Caliphate in Iraq and Syria.

The keen observer can’t help but laugh and wonder if this was a coincidence or an orchestrated and well-choreographed political move by the Clinton campaign and the intelligence apparatus which seeks to further legitimize the terror networks.

Moreover, this move will anger and mobilize the ignorant masses that will always follow and worship their leaders, and beseech them to think for them and keep them safe.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Clinton will move a step closer to the White House as her best stooge Mr. Trump will continue to allegedly play his blunt card to win the hearts and the minds of the mindless masses. The louder he shouts, the louder the masses will shout with him, “hate” hate” “hate” to the chief !

Surprisingly, there was no record of this Al-Shabab video when Mrs. Clinton made her allegations against Mr. Trump on the December 19, 2015 democratic debate. The sudden release and the timing of this video appear to be perfect, because it solidifies Mrs. Clinton as an expert in international matters, terror, and future prediction better than Nostradamus.

At the same time Mr. Trump will continue his orchestrated path of vocal tics that aim to insult, scare, outrage, and belittle people as he temporarily acts out the anger of the frustrated and inept masses.

The message of hate and terror always serves a strong political purpose, but you have to ask yourself, who benefits from this charade? Cui Bono?

It appears that the money masters who pick and elect presidents have reconsidered Mrs. Clinton to become the future occupant of the White House as they resuscitated her after shafting and destroying her in 2008.

Unfortunately, the public has a short memory, and the majority of the people will not be able put this simple puzzle together.

Finally, I find it comical that Mrs. Clinton predicted what the Islamists will do with Trump’s statements prior to its happening.

Or, maybe she gave ISIS a good idea to use Mr. Trump as a recruitment tool and as a payback; she will finally gain the house of whites.

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