Hillary Out Following FBI Racketeering Charges? Or Hillary-Bernie Ticket? Clinton, Sanders Camps in Talks for « Party Unity »
Par Stephen Lendman, 01 juin 2016

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A previous article called Clinton the most recklessly dangerous president aspirant in US history. Humanity’s fate is up for grabs with her finger on the nuclear trigger.

She’s also damaged goods, vulnerable to indictment on federal racketeering charges, her Clinton Foundation a suspected criminal enterprise masquerading as a charitable NGO.

She’ll likely escape federal prosecution because of longstanding close ties to Attorney General Loretta Lynch and become Democrat party nominee in July.

Her delegate lead is too great to overcome. Next Tuesday’s California primary should put her way over the top.

Reports indicate camps representing her and Sanders in talks for party unity. Earlier she said “(o)nce the primaries are over…we will begin talking in more detail about what we can do to unify the party.”

“Because as I’ve said many times, and Senator Sanders has said, we both are going to do everything we can to prevent Donald Trump from getting anywhere near the White House.”

“I will certainly do everything I can to unify the Democratic Party. Our campaigns have been reaching out to one another. We will continue to do that.”

On the one hand, Sanders vowed to continue contesting to become Democrat party nominee. On the other, he hinted at what’s ahead if he fails, saying “(w)hat happens the day after (if) it appears that I am not going to become the nominee, that’s subject for further discussion.”

Several times earlier he promised to support Clinton as party standard bearer if she’s nominated. Will he serve as her running mate if asked?

A previous article explained his popularity among young voters combined with most women for her would be a formidable challenge for Trump to overcome.

A Clinton/Sanders ticket would dispel the undeserved faith of his diehard supporters in his alleged populist advocacy, phony throughout his 30-year political career, voting 98% of the time with Democrats, supporting their deplorable agenda.

He’s more opportunist than populist. She represents pure evil. Partnering with her would irreparably taint him more than already – making him complicit in her high crimes.

After months of campaigning since last year, voters in November will get to choose between a billionaire demagogue and an unindicted criminal racketeer/war goddess/Wall Street tool.

If Sanders supports what he campaigned against, he’ll prove himself just another dirty politician – saying one thing, intending something entirely different, betraying his supporters, showing business as usual always wins.

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