How White Helmets Videos Are Made. Are They Fake?
Par Moon of Alabama, 22 novembre 2016
Moon of Alabama 21 novembre 2016
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The video below was originally uploaded on November 18 in the channel of the RFSMediaOffice (Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office), a propaganda organization supporting various groups fighting the Syrian state.

It depicts the « Making of » a scene where people in White Helmets outfit « rescue » a man. For some 20 seconds the two « rescuers » and the « victim » are motionless waiting for the command to start a hectic « rescue operation » and, when that starts, adds on the usual background sound of screaming people.

The embed is a copy I made from the original and posted on my account to make sure that it is preserved.

I do not know why the RFS Media Office would upload this. To show that the White Helmets and their videos are fake? Did they not pay their dues? Or was the channel hacked and the upload done by someone else?

The original title « Edge of death | #MannequinChallenge » points to some social media nonsense which The Telegraph describes as:

A viral video craze, it involves people imitating mannequins and freezing for the camera while music plays in the background.

So is this a fake? Or a fake of the fakes the original White Helmets videos are (this one for example)?

Not fake enough yet?

How about this Yahoo News headline: All hospitals in eastern Aleppo out of action after bombardments: officials. Now compare with this tweet by an NPR Middle East correspondent:

Alison Meuse Verified account @AliTahmizian – 2:20 AM – 21 Nov 2016 MSF says four out of eight hospitals in eastern Aleppo city are currently out of service, including the only dedicated pediatric hospital.

All or four out of eight – those numbers don’t matter as some journalists evidently do not care how fake their stories are. Remember how six pediatricians in east-Aleppo signed an open letter to Obama a few weeks after the « last pediatrician in Aleppo » was killed? No journo cared about that insult to their readers sanity. Who by the way runs that « only dedicated pediatric hospital » in east-Aleppo? Some horse doctor?

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