In the US Congress, Money Doesn’t Just Talk, it Yells! Billions of US Dollars to Israel

For over 65 years, since the establishment of the State of Israel at the behest of the then American Zionist lobby, its successor has ensured that billions of US dollars in aid, grants, loans, guarantees, tax exemptions and ‘deals’ are funnelled to the Israeli Treasury Secretary in order to give the satellite state an unprecedented economic and military advantage over any other country in the Middle East or Europe. All paid for by an unwitting American tax payer.

The total amount is sufficiently mind­-boggling that it is impossible to quantify. The current monies and ‘aid’ that flow openly from the US to its creature state in the Middle East are currently in the region of US$6 billion every twelve months, in the guise of official grants and loan guarantees.

But the huge hidden financial and fiscal benefits that have been approved by Congress are obscured by both secret and open economic privileges that are accorded to no other state in the world. These range from tax exemptions, rebates, military and civil aid and partisan legislation including tariff­-free trade that gives unique advantages to the Israeli government and to its importers and exporters.

The figures involved, on the back of the American tax payer,  are astronomical and have for over half a century ensured that an essentially non­viable, minority UN-created, political entity can present itself as being a hugely successful economic, technical and military, global powerhouse.

The political cost to both the Middle East and the world of establishing, supporting and propping up the Israeli state through the skewed funding of billions of US dollars-worth of military arms and equipment through a lobby­-led Congress, has been instrumental in provoking the current instability throughout the Middle East and, consequent upon it, today’s global threat to peace.

However, even now after 65 years, the average John Doe tax­payer in America is still being brainwashed to believe that Israel ­ far from being the third most powerful nuclear state in the world, funded by the US Congress, is an innocent victim of Arab imperialism ­ or some other equally absurd, nonsensical propaganda.

Consequently, billions of dollars continue to flow from the American pocket to the Israeli one, at the expense of everyone in the world other than, of course the Israel lobby whose members smile broadly at their continued success in manipulating the democratic process to their own political agenda.


EUNewsdesk    London   May 2016

Articles Par : Anthony Bellchambers

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