Madaya Fake Media Images: BBC Caught Recycling 2014 Footage from Yarmouk
Par, 11 janvier 2016
The Wall Will Fall 11 janvier 2016
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Since the story of the Madaya “starvation” broke seemingly hours after the Saudi lawless and brutal execution of inspirational opposition speaker and cleric Sheikh Nimr, we have been presented with a ceaseless array of fake images many of which have been corrected or withdrawn by the offending mainstream media outlets but then relentlessly and brazenly recycled, regardless, by the social media propaganda rings.

However the cherry on the propaganda cake came tonight with a report from the BBC on Madaya.  Not only do they try to conceal the fact that civilians are arguing with Ahrar al Sham terrorists and yelling at them:

« You are not hungry, we are!! »

The BBC uses the ambiguous and misleading term “fighter” instead of clearly specifying the civilians are referring to Ahrar al Sham militants who are occupying Madaya. Or one of their associates from Al Nusra or the FSA [less than 10% of the rebel contingent in Madaya].

Even more shockingly the BBC then went on to use footage from Yarmouk 2014 and described the boy in this footage as being in Madaya just after the October 19th 2015 food delivery from the Red Cross.

The boy comes into the film at 0:50 in the BBC Madaya footage 11th January 2016.

The same footage is being used here in a video depicting the situation in Yarmouk, south of Damascus July 4th 2014.

Madaya BBC collage

Perhaps we should not be shocked at this blatant use of unrelated footage to propagate what has been proven to be a dishonest narrative, but the levels to which our Government sponsored media are stooping these days is not something to be ignored.  The consequences for the Syrian people and all other nations being subjected to their deceit are too dire for us to turn a blind eye to their frightening lack of ethics.

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