Medical Doctor in Brussels Inspired by Independent Media and Journalists of the Likes of « Syrian Girl »

Have we Europeans been indoctrinated to not question the original puppet masters of the “War on Terrorism” beyond repair?  Will we soon see the same shut downs of Independent Media as President Erdogan is enforcing right now?

This morning, as I walked to my office in a Brussels where we now have sub-machine gun toting soldiers on every street-corner, I reflected on the lockdown that Münich experienced yesterday, even considering to cancel their famous Oktober Fest.

As a society, since we have politicians who join into imperial war conquests with impunity, it is not surprising that young deranged citizens are beginning to pull off more and more atrocious acts of mass violence. It seems to me they are often numbed in their humanity by Prozac-like drugs, and conditioned to kill in first person on-line warrior games, or caught up in the nauseating “Clash of Civilization” terror meme that our Main Stream Media totes on an everyday basis. These people are sick, in a very sick society.

Our politicians tell us that we need to get used to these security measures. For some reason, the same threat that formerly was perceived only by the Israeli Embassy, and with the “coalition of the willing” Iraqi invasion, then of course also the US Embassy, now hangs over every citizen in the big cities of Europe. Upon arriving at my office, I took a moment to watch an interview of “Syrian Girl” by ‘Paul Joseph Watson’ on :

It is refreshing to listen to this young Syrian geo-political analyst give her non scripted interview on recent developments in Europe, because it is so removed from the controlled information we get from our politicians and Corporate Western Media who seem to adhere to a crippling creed to tell “The Politically Correct Truth, only the Partial Truth, and as little as possible about those darned politically disturbing truths” : Listen to her for example from the 20 minute mark : ( Below a text version, trying to respect her very special ‘Syrian Girl’ casual style of expressing herself in English) :

‘Syrian Girl’ : “Nothing is changing in Europe: all we have is “Pray for ‘INSERT COUNTRY/CITY IN EUROPE’ “; that’s it, that is all!! Or the solutions that they are giving are ludicrous, like “We need to topple Assad, then terrorism will stop.” It is ridiculous: we need a campaign to focus on the real criminals, and what their agenda seems to be, because for some reason, they don’t just want to destroy Syria, now they also want to destabilize Europe, and I said in 2012, and I said it then on InfoWars, and we were one of the few people then who were trying to warn about the stuff that is now happening, that, you-know, they want instability in Europe as well.

They want it, because they need it, because the economic situation isn’t to their liking, and also because it is a controlled threat: they can control people with it, they can cause clashes between people, and ignore the real target, which is the globalists. It is the people in Bilderberg who are making all those decisions. Brexit was something that occurred, that totally threw them off, and the coup in Turkey has everything to do with what happened in Brexit. And France, the thing that happened in France, with Nice, had everything to do with what happened with Brexit and the Turkish coup.”

‘Paul Joseph Watson’ : ( shortened version of his intervention) “Was the coup against Erdogan an inside job to root out the insubordinates within the military and within the Government?”

‘Syrian Girl’ : “I don’t believe it is, the man had to go on FaceTime to tell his people to come out in the streets and protest, it was quite humiliating! The reason I don’t believe it was, it’s because a few days before the coup, about 4 days, Turkey started making statements that they were sorry for shooting down the Russian jet, and they wanted to re-affirm their alliance with Russia, and they wanted to get closer to their regional allies. This was like a few days or weeks after Brexit. Basically, the EU wasn’t the same EU anymore.. and the Turkey wasn’t desperate to join it any-more, so Turkey decided to maybe come up with a different Foreign Policy,  and Turkey is also unhappy with the agenda to create a Kurdish state in Syria, because that is going to create a Kurdish state in Turkey as well, and of-course, it is going to displace the Christian and Syrian population in Syria as a result, but I guess those people don’t matter, as long as the agenda is pushed.

But, Erdogan is / has been a criminal for the last 4 years, and there is no doubt that he has supported terrorism up until this day, but, he is not the biggest criminal: the biggest criminals were his puppet masters which were in the White House, because, obviously, those people are far more powerful, and those people – there is a lot of indication that it was actually the CIA that was behind it. There were reports that came out that Russia actually tipped off the Turks : the leader behind the coup is in Washington, and Washington has refused to extradite him.

If you look at the Media, the Main Stream Media, for some reason, even though we have been calling Erdogan a terrorist supporter for ages, only now have they decided: “Yep! Oh yea, yea, he is a terrorist supporter.”

France, just before the Nice attacks, or – I’m not quite sure but at-least before the coup, they shut down their Embassy in Turkey. I mean, France has made statements now that Erdogan can no longer be a partner against terror. It’s a joke, cause France itself has been openly arming terror for the last 4 years, and, of-course, so has Turkey : so what’s really going on is France is angry that Turkey is choosing to go a different way now, it’s leaning now towards trying to reverse the disaster it has created for itself, with this instability, with economic problems with Russia, taking advice and shooting down a Russian jet, all because they wanted to join the EU – which is on its way to collapsing.

This is how I read the situation, and I think that *the idea that they did it to themselves.. uhm, I think it comes from a hate and distrust of Erdogan, like a lack of understanding as to why sometimes puppets are just thrown away when they are no longer doing what they are told, or they are no longer useful – which – you know, it’s a confusing situation, but no, many people died, people are in exile, coup leaders are in jail, I don’t think he did it to himself, I think that Russia tipped him off about a CIA agent to get rid of him, and put in some-one else that was gonna maintain the status-quo, and not try to make friends with Russia.”

On her youtube site, Syrian Girl explains more about how the West is intervening in Syria to create a “Kurdistan”, just like Israel was also created by the West :

*For a fun flash back on how Erdogan brought this predicament upon himself, it is nice to revisit the article that Kevin Barrett wrote on Thanksgiving 2015 :  Kevin Barrett VT 11-25-15… “This Thanksgiving, Erdogan is the turkey”

For some more ‘up to date’ speculations on how the possible help that Erdogan could have gotten from the Russians complicates matters for the Europeans, read also this article, written by John Chuckman July 22 2016 : Turkey Right Now Is a Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma, to Paraphrase Churchill

‘Russia Insider’ writer Nikolai Starikov also argues there is good reason to believe that Erdogan was helped by the Russians : (July 21st 2016)

Why Russia Revealed Coup Plans to Erdogan

Read also how International Free-Lance Journalist Pepe Escobar resumed the Turkish coup on, only hours after it happened: “Hell Hath no Fury Like a Teflon Sultan” :

I pray for that our European Citizens will stand up for their values of free speech and a free press, with more and more reader-supported journalists like Pepe Escobar and ‘Syrian Girl’. When we take this precious human-felt information to heart, and start cleaning up the harm we have done to ourselves, by never confronting our politicians and institutions to the deeper criminal lies that lie beneath the whole concept of the “War on Terror”, then I think we will be able to start enjoying living in Europe again. Let us all get behind this effort.

Thank-you also,, for providing us with a consistent independent analysis of what has been going on, ever since the Summer of 2001 !

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