Message from Palmyra. Syria’s Strategic Victory, Towards the Defeat of Daesh-ISIS
Par Stephen Lendman, 28 mars 2016

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Routing ISIS from Palmyra decisively is the most important strategic victory in the struggle to liberate Syria from foreign terrorist invaders since Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011.

He continues using them as imperial foot soldiers, death squad mercenaries, not Syrians waging civil conflict, the official Big Lie.

Triumph over the weekend highlighted the enormous contribution of Russian air power, logistical and other support.

Moscow backs its allies forthrightly. Washington uses other countries to further its imperial interests. The difference in approaches is stark.

Since Russia intervened on September 30, the tide of battle turned. ISIS and other terrorist groups suffered significant defeats. They continue losing ground to government forces.

Russia’s anti-terrorist campaign is real. US intervention with its allies is phony – anti-Syrian, pro-terrorists they support, bombing infrastructure and government sites while pretending otherwise.

Russia’s vital contribution to liberating Palmyra from ISIS exposed the Big Lie about its campaign targeting (nonexistent) “moderate rebels,” killing civilians and striking nonmilitary sites – but don’t expect scoundrel media explanations.

Washington’s aerial campaign supported by covert special forces and weapons smuggled cross-border along with other material support helped ISIS and other terrorist groups advance against Syrian troops, gain control of large parts of the nation’s territory.

US support for terrorists continues despite claims otherwise, longstanding policy since mujahideen fighters were recruited in Afghanistan against Soviet Russia.

Moscow’s intervention turned things around decisively, perhaps one day making Syrian liberation possible.

At the same time, it handed Washington a major geopolitical defeat, foiling its regional imperial agenda, maybe liberating Iraq the next shoe to drop.

On Sunday, Putin congratulated Assad. According to his spokesman Dmitry Peskov, both leaders spoke by phone.

Putin stressed Moscow’s continued support for its Syrian ally, his commitment to defeat the scourge of terrorism. Russian air power, intelligence and other support made liberating Palmyra possible, Peskov explained.

Iran remains a valued Syrian ally. Its Supreme National Security Council secretary Ali Shamkhani called “(t)he real resolve and determination of the Syrian nation, government and army to purge the territories occupied by terrorist and Takfiri groups…reason for praise and pride…”

“(T)he Iranian government and armed forces will continue their full support for Syria and the axis of resistance” against dark forces vital to defeat.

Liberating Palmyra facilitates more strategic victories against ISIS and other terrorist groups controlling Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and other Syrian territory. It makes final victory more possible.

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