Microcephaly in Brazil. What are the Causes? « The Focus is on the Mosquito as the Vector »?

There are pictures of mothers cradling babies with shallow skulls in Brazil. The Brazilian health authorities have reported more than 3,500 microcephaly cases between October 2015 and January 2016. These babies are badly disabled because their brains are grossly underdeveloped as scans have shown. The Zika virus is considered to be the agent for this catastrophic condition. The focus is on the mosquito as the vector.

I inquired about a garden insecticide two years ago. The powder called Py was made by Vitax. It contained pyrethrins extracted from the pyrethrum flower. With effort, I found it contained a potent synergist, piperonyl butoxide, (PBO) which acts by inhibiting detoxification in the insect’s nervous system. I was very disturbed to read a punctilious study in New York City by Horton et al (1) which showed reduced mental capability measured at 3 years in the children of mothers who had been exposed to this chemical in pregnancy. The mothers were black or Dominican. They living in a low income part of NYC. This chemical was shown to be present in the expired air of these mothers during pregnancy and in their plasma at delivery.

I brought my concerns to the manufacturer but they were brushed aside by the ‘Customer Services Manager’. I had asked that a warning be printed on the pack for women who were pregnant. All that happened was that the Wikipedia entry for PBO was edited to exclude reference to the Horton paper!

Several studies followed. Notable was that by Wang and co workers (2). This exquisite research shows the infinite horizons of today’s science. Their main conclusion was this –

Overall, our study demonstrates that PBO is a Smo antagonist that inhibits the Hedgehog signaling pathway, a critical regulator of stem cell proliferation, organ development and homeostasis, cancer, and central nervous system development. Considering (1) the widespread presence of PBO in the environment, (2) the recent epidemiologic association of PBO exposure with delayed mental development in children, and (3) our findings that PBO inhibits the Hedgehog signaling pathway, the safety profile of PBO needs to be investigated further.

In the last few days, Global Research has posted two relevant papers. Is it Zika ‘Virus’ or Pesticides and Birth Defects? asks Cal Crilly. (3)

Pesticides in Brazil and Pernambuco state are more likely to be the cause of microcephaly and birth defects than Zika virus and the links below speak for themselves.

“The farmers of Brazil have become the world’s top exporters of sugar, orange juice, coffee, beef, poultry and soybeans. They’ve also earned a more dubious distinction: In 2012, Brazil passed the United States as the largest buyer of pesticides.


The most obvious cause of birth defects in this area is direct contact and absorption of pesticides.

The Zika Virus, the Brazilian Microcephaly Outbreak. Covering-up Another Iatrogenic Disorder – Dr Gary G Kohls. (4)

He questions whether the aluminium adjuvant in vaccines is not the cause. He concludes

“Rather than (irrationally) calling for a fast-tracked Zika virus vaccine against a benign mosquito virus that is the least likely to be the causative agent, these authorities have kept quiet about the really sensible thing to do until more is known: immediately stop vaccinating pregnant women with neurotoxic substances!”

The causes of microcephaly are many (5). Inherited by gene defect, infection including rubella and toxoplasmosis, lead poisoning, maternal hypothyroidism etc. 7 out of 11 poor women at 11-17 weeks of pregnancy who were irradiated massively by the Nagasaki bomb had little ones with microcephaly. The massive neutron flux from the latter was the cause.

An association between the virus and the failure of the brain to develop, would surely have become obvious over the years given the dramatic appearance and gross mental retardation. It seems unlikely that a virus that was first isolated in Uganda in 1947 is now the cause for this epidemic of deformity and deficiency.

Furthermore, the expression, from all accounts, does not vary. This is the important point. Take into account that the Zika virus disease lasts only a few days. The viraemic phase would hardly be longer. Is the supposed effect of this viraemia on multiplying neural tissue at a varying date in pregnancy, likely to cause this ‘fixed’ expression? One would expect variation in degree if the virus was the cause.

Is it not more likely that a chemical is the cause? It is of great concern that PBO (among other chemicals no doubt) could be recovered from the cord blood of the mothers in the study of Horton et al or in the expired air. If there is poison in the women in Brazil, it will be constantly present in their systems but with some variation of those levels. If an agent, like PBO, is at the bottom of this, that continued presence is highly likely to give rise to a more constant expression of this catastrophe because the ‘inhibitor’ is constantly present around the stem cells.

It is hoped that great skill and energy is put to the study of the chemicals in both the internal and external milieu of these women, as well as studying the Zeka virus and the vector.

Footnote. One example of the chemical contaminants/’residues’ in cereals as detected in the EU. (6)

Dr. David Halpin FRCS is a retired orthopaedic and trauma surgeon. Of course, he had a medical and scientific training but the sophistication of the work by Wang and co-workers is mostly over his head.


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