OAS to Send Special Mission to Haiti Amid Political Crisis

OAS you’re not welcome in Haiti, Haiti does not need another OAS electoral coup detat like 2010

Haiti stands as one with this one message to the new OAS mission that has invited itself  to Haiti – « No. The OAS has no credibility in Haiti. The OAS is part of the problem not the solution. »

« Nou konnen byen ke Etazini kontrole OEA. Yo te deja voye John Kerry, Kenneth Merten, Peter Mulrean e Samantha Powers pou fè presyon sou pèp Ayisyen, Jude Celestin epi sa pa byen pase pou yo. Se rans. Pa okipe yo. Aba OEA, Aba LONU, Aba CORE GROUP. Viv Ayiti. »

The Organization of American States (« OAS ») with the Hillary Clinton State Department and Cheryl Mills, adjusted the votes in 2010 to place Michel Martelly into the runoff that propelled him into office. Clinton email – https://goo.gl/JwSd4S .)

This electoral fraud committed by the Hillary Clinton State Dept with the OAS caused five years of political gridlock and instability in Haiti. Martelly’s lack of legitimacy not to mention his disqualification to be president because he once held a U.S passport set Haiti democracy back decades, just as the US-supported 1991 and 2004 coup detats did.

For four years, Martelly ruled unofficially by decree and formally by decree since Jan 12, 2015. His authoritarianism and dictatorship was supported and upheld by the International community – from the CORE GROUP to the OAS. These Internationals lorded over our heads and enabled Martelly, his degenerate rule and destruction of Haiti institutions – including the Parliament and Judiciary for five years.

After an immense and peaceful struggle, the people of Haiti have ousted Michel Martelly and the clock is running out for his term to expire on February 7, 2016.

Yesterday, January 27, 2016, the OAS decided to authorize a special mission to come to Haiti, supposedly to « help the troubled nation find a way out of a simmering political crisis and set a new date for a runoff election. »

The OAS is not welcome in Haiti to come and cause another five years of hell for the people with a Martelly replica or an Opont replica. Local Haiti has an exit plan in place for after Martelly leaves to conduct free and fair elections. The G8 group has adopted the recommendations of the Electoral Evaluation Commission and set forth proposals to be discussed only among Haitian stakeholders and the Haitian people. Haiti has had enough of the CORE Group, UN, EU and OAS interference.

They’ve acted as tyrants but are good at writing boiler plate rhetoric outlining their self-proclaimed neutrality, professionalism or impartial position. Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal a different scenario. Their partner in crime, Pierre Louis Opont himself, the president of the Haitian electoral council both in 2010 and in 2015, has publicly testified that he gave the Internationals one result and returned a different one. These emperors are naked. The evidence of their perfidy, immorality, illegality, corruption and unwelcome interference in Haiti affairs is glaring.

There even a former OAS official named Ricardo Seitenfus who has detailed in articles and books how the OAS and international communities doctored the Haiti elections in 2010. Pierre Louis Opont said Cheryl Mills and the OAS adjusted the results to place Martelly in power. This OAS has no credibility in Haiti. The OAS mission is not welcome to insert itself in the new transitional government discussions that is being put together by the people of Haiti mostly to fix the mess the OAS left in Haiti in 2011 with Martelly. The OAS is not welcome to conduct another electoral coup detat in Haiti. (Pierre Louis Opont Explained How Hillary Clinton Ordered Reversal of Haiti 2010 P. E. Results. Watch the video here.)

The United States has already sent John Kerry, Kenneth Merten, Peter Mulrean and Samantha Powers to manipulate the 2015-16 electoral process for the benefit of foreign interests. Haiti said no. But they’ve been pressuring poor Haitians for months now. Haitians die to ways, slowly fighting imperialism and its minions in Haiti their whole life, or quickly from a US-paid bullet in the hands of US-trained police. Haitians reject the US-Martelly Makout mindset. So, the US is now cloaking itself in the form of the OAS to continue terrorizing the people of Haiti who have stood as one and said

« Martelly must go. Martelly does not represent the people’s will and the people did not vote for his handpicked successor, Jovenel Moise. »

Too many Haitians have suffered and died for Haiti to get this truth out. The OAS is coming NOT to mediate. It’s already in Haiti as the CORE GROUP causing havoc. The OAS is about strengthening imperialism, colonization, occupation and Martelly’s hand and keeping the people off the streets to demobilize their resistance to imperialism and fake elections. Nou pap okipe yo. Nou pap demobilize. Mateli gen 2 chwa: pran exzil avan 7 Fevriye ou prizon aprè 7 Fevriye.

Martelly and his legal bandits are called to account. The international community is called to account. Haitians refuse to be further disrespect by the CORE Group no matter what their guise.

If the OAS want to help Haitians, they should adopt the January 21, 2016 ALBA statement statement in solidarity with the Haitian people and against occupation and fake elections against fraudulent elections in Haiti. They should convene a mission to began asking the Martelly family: Where’s did one billion Petrocaribe dollars go and the Clinton family: Where did the $13 billion in earthquake funds, go?

The OAS is US-controlled and part of the Core Group in Haiti. The OAS saddled Haiti with an illegitimate president in 2011 that is the root of today’s crisis. The OAS is not neutral, professional or impartial position. It cannot appoint itself over the head of Haitian lawmakers and the G8. Tell Obama, that is not happening.

Bye bye Michel Martelly. Take all your legal bandits with you. And we’re telling that thug Guy Philippe that 2016 is not 2004. « Bye bye Swit Mimi ak tout chalatan parèy ou yo. Epi nap di awousa yo bay pou Guy Philippe la 2004 pa 2016. Al benyen. »

Èzili Dantò, HLLN Free Haiti Movement, Jan 28, 2016

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OAS to send special mission to Haiti amid political crisis By DAVID McFADDEN Jan. 27, 2016


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