Obama Administration Overtly Supported « Moderate » Terrorists Involved in Al Zara Massacre in Syria

On May 12, 2016 at approximately 6:00 am, the armed terrorist group Ahrar al-Sham entered a small sleeping village of unarmed civilians and began a massacre of men, women, children, and in some cases whole families. 

Over 100 persons were victims, with the exact figure unknown, because dozens were kidnapped, and their fate is still unknown. This village, Al Zara, had no military or Syrian government presence or connection.  It had no military or geographical value to these terrorists.  The only reason it was attacked was because the residents were not Sunni Muslims.  The armed terrorists Ahrar al-Sham are an exclusively Sunni Muslim group, who are known to be Jihadists, and their stated goal is to establish an Islamic State in Syria.  They are killing unarmed civilians of minority sects, as well as their own fellow Sunni Muslims who do not support their goals and tactics.

The terrorists were quick to upload to www.YouTube.com  the photos they took while standing on the corpses of young women and children.  They proudly flashed the “V” for victory sign.

Aleppo-based journalist Kevork Elmasyan stated that what happened in Al Zara was not a massacre but rather “genocide.”

Ahrar al-Sham did not work alone; they were assisted by Jibhat al-Nusra, which is a US designated terrorist group.  However, Ahrar al-Sham is not designated a terrorist group by US law.  Recently, Russia tried to push through legislation at the UN whereby Ahrar al-Sham would be designated as a terrorist group, and therefore, not under the cease-fire accord.  However, USA blocked this designation, and strongly supported Ahrar al-Sham as a “moderate armed rebel group” working under full cooperation with the Obama administration, CIA and State Department.

When experts questioned why the United States of America would openly, and publically defend and assist Ahrar al-Sham, it was noted that the US policy to bring about regime change in Syria through armed revolution was getting weaker and loosing fighters on the ground, and they needed every Jihadist, or ‘moderate rebel’ they could find.  The US policy has been to fight terrorism inside USA, but to support and promote it in Syria, as long as only Syrians are being killed, and not any American military personnel.

The CIA office in Adana, Turkey oversees the terrorists in Syria, supplying weapons, ammunition, satellite imagery, and more.  The cash paid to the terrorists comes in from the King of Saudi Arabia directly, and is administered and paid out through a Saudi official in Turkey.  Medical needs and hospital services are provided by the Turkish government, a close ally of USA.  The CIA training and support of ‘moderate rebels’ in Syria has come under a barrage of attacks; mostly because these so-called ‘moderates’ are in reality followers of Radical Islam.  Proof of this is the name the ‘rebels’ of the CIA choose for their unit: “Sons of Righteousness”.   Instead of “Sons of Democracy” or “Sons of Freedom” they chose to identify themselves as ‘righteous’, which infers all other who do not share their goals are ‘unrighteous’ and doomed to the Lake of Fire.  Democracy and Freedom are not terms they would identify with. I would have thought the CIA would have demanded they choose a different and secular name.  It would appear the CIA in Adana have gotten so tired of working with these mercenaries they have lost interest in image making.

These various terrorist groups often work in cooperation with each other.  For example, on many occasions the Free Syrian Army, who are fully supported and defended by USA, will team up with other Al Qaeda type terrorist groups.  The FSA have been a small and weak group on the ground in Syria, with very little support from among the Syrian residents that they needed the influx of foreign Jihadists coming into Syria from Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.  These various Jihadists were Arabs, Asians and many American and European fighters as well.  These terrorists found unhindered passage through Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon.  In many cases the terrorists were actively and openly assisted by the military and government agencies in those 3 countries.  Turkey went so far as to provide free airline transportation to Istanbul and Adana from abroad.

Hundreds of Turks took part in demonstrations organized in Beyoglu and Gazi neighborhoods in Istanbul to protest the massacre at Al Zara.  Protesting against Turkish government support of terrorists in Syria is a very dangerous act, which is often met by water cannon, rubber bullets, arrests and injuries.  Most Turkish citizens do not support Jihad and Radical Islam. Turkey has been a secular form of government for decades, but their current President Erdogan is in a long process of molding Turkey into an Islamic Ottoman Empire.

This is not the first massacre of this type in Syria.  Look back to August 2013 and the small non-Sunni village of Ballouta, near the coastal city of Latakia.  In that case, the Free Syrian Army assisted by Al Qaeda type groups, entered the village at night, and went house to house killing men, women, children, and in some cases whole families.  They kidnapped 100 very young children, and a few females.  It was at first thought those kidnapped would be taken to nearby Turkey, and sold as sex slaves or their organs harvested for wealthy Turks and Arabs.  However, after 9 months 44 of those children were released, and had been captives underground in bunkers in Selma, near the Turkish border, not far from their homes in Ballouta.  They recalled being used in a ‘movie’ in which they were to act like they were ‘sleeping’ on the floor of their bunker.  About 2 weeks after their movie making session, the world famous Sarin Gas video was uploaded to www.YouTube.com    in which dozens of seemingly dead children were laying on the ground.  This brought about a decision to bomb Syria by the US military, however was called off at the last moment when it was discovered that the Sarin gas used was not from Syrian government sources.

Nothing is known of the remainder of the kidnapped children who were not released.  The survivors recalled the Latakian born cleric Fedaa Majzoub being among their captors.  Sheikh Majzoub left a home and family in Sidney, Australia to come to Syria and fight Jihad, along with his brother who was killed there. Sheikh Majzoub was a well respected Islamic cleric in Sydney with close ties to the government there.

George Sabra, a top official at the SNC, congratulated the troops on their victory at Ballouta.  George Sabra is now in Geneva, Switzerland representing the Syrian Opposition.  He is an avowed Communist and atheist who works closely with US government officials, including Sec of State John Kerry.

Next, we can recall the massacre of Syrian Christians at Kessab on the morning of March 21, 2014.  In that attack, the Turkish military began the bombardment of the small Armenian village at 6:00 am.    They used helicopters and large canons to begin the attack, and then the Free Syrian Army in conjunction with Al Qaeda and various other Jihadist groups came pouring over the border f rom Turkey into the sleeping hamlet.  They went house to house killing men, women and children.  The young and able fled to Latakia in cars and trucks.  However, a group of 24 very elderly and frail persons were left behind.  The terrorists kept them 11 days in Kessab, and some of the elderly women were raped.  The FSA took the elderly captives to Turkey on April1, 2014 , where they were kept against their will for 3 months, and one of the group died there of abuse.  On April 1, 2014 the American Ambassador to Turkey, Francis J. Riccardone, Jr. visited the captives, held by the US sponsored FSA.  He refused to help as they begged for him to demand their release.   He brought with him the noted translator Nizar Khalil, and asked them one question, “Are any of you American citizens?”   They all answered that they were Syrian citizens.  He left them without assistance of any kind.  The source of all this information is the eye witness survivors of these crimes, who have testified and have even made the testimony of raped elderly women available for the entire world to know and understand the gravity and depths of crimes against humanity.

Victoria Nuland of the US State Department, and Samantha Power, the US Ambassador to the UN, both made public statements after the Kessab massacre of 88 unarmed civilians, of those 13 were beheaded.  Basically, they both said the same thing: US regrets the loss of life, but the terrorists who were involved were not receiving support from the US government.  However, this is a blatant lie, which is proved by the presence in Kessab on April 1, 2014 of President of the SNC, Ahmed Jarba, who came to congratulate his troops on their victory at Kessab.  The FSA is the armed wing of SNC.  On May 23, 2014 Ahmed Jarba was sitting at the White House with President Obama in personal consultation.  The US government was well aware that Ahmed Jarba had walked upon the shallow graves of Syrian Christians massacred in Kessab only weeks before.

After the recent Al Zara massacre, the State Department spokesman John Kirby fielded a question concerning the US support of Ahrar al-Sham and their attack and massacre of unarmed civilians at Al Zara.  Mr. Kirby expressed concern about the massacre of families there, but gave no reasons why the US government would be supporting and defending such terrorists, who are from the Salafi brand of Radical Islam.  At least Mr. Kirby did not lie and deny the US involvement in the massacre, as did Nuland and Power.

For more information about the Salafi Radical Islamic ideology, you can look to Houston, Texas.  Houston has 40 Mosques, and all but 1of them identifies their brand as Salafi.  The US security services are no doubt busy across USA investigating and following closely the Salafi in America, from coast to coast.  Basically, the Salafi are committed to Jihad and Sharia Law.  They see democracy and secular types of government as totally unacceptable in Islam.  Both Syria and the US are secular forms of government.  The Jihadist attacks began in Syria in March 2011 and are ongoing today.   Experts in security and the global threat of Radical Islam are preparing for the possible attack on the United States of America, but believe that the Jihadists will not have to cross borders, but are already living inside America and are most likely mainly American citizens.











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