Obama, The Inept Politician

The POTUS Rated by Both Democrats and Republicans as Being at the Back of the Queue of Effective World Leaders

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Barack Obama was elected in 2009 on a mandate to manage the American economy; to create new jobs; to overhaul the welfare system for those in need and, critically, to make both the United States and the world safer places.

On all counts, President Obama has proven to be an articulate but peculiarly inept politician who has failed on virtually every important issue, in particular on foreign policy.  Words alone will not create jobs; stimulate the economy; increase the medical facilities available to the poor; strengthen ties around the world with foreign states and bring negotiated peace to the trouble spots of the world.

On the contrary, Obama has foolishly instigated an arms race in the Middle East that will ensure the collapse of the Non Proliferation Treaty and the extension of Israel’s nuclear arsenal that has yet to be declared to the IAEA, plus the intention, as a consequence of this policy, of the UAE and other Middle East states to possess their own nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  Arguably, this will be Obama’s tragic legacy.

From the very first days of his presidency, he was clearly indebted to the AIPAC lobby for his election success and over the two terms of office, he consistently complied with the lobby’s agenda in respect of America’s foreign policy.  He will soon leave office with much of the world economy in disarray with the added dimension of the threat of nuclear proliferation.

The next generation will certainly not thank this President of the United States.


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