Orlando Tragedy: A Note on Opportunistic Gun-Grabbers

Even a full ban on all guns of every kind for all private US citizens would not have prevented this tragedy.

In the wake of the tragic Orlando shooting, many have reacted not with objectivity, logic, and courage, but with fear, hysteria, anger, and hatred. Some have also reacted with shameful opportunism – among these many people which includes racists, bigots, and warmongers, is also the gun control lobby.

It should be pointed out that the Orlando shooting suspect was working as a professionally trained and armed security guard at Federal facilities for private security contractor G4S. Omar Mateen also applied to study at the Indian River State College Police Academy – according to the Daily Mail’s article, « How surly Orlando shooter was booted out of police academy LAST YEAR . »

He was also investigated twice by the FBI, including a 10 month long undercover investigation involving FBI « informants. » Yet was still able to keep his job as an armed security guard.This means that even a full ban on all guns of every kind for all private US citizens would not have prevented this tragedy. The suspect was an armed security guard with access to firearms and had been thoroughly investigated, interviewed, and watched by multiple agencies and institutions throughout his career and would have still been able to perpetrate his act of armed mass murder

And it should be remembered that while the Orlando shooting is the largest mass shooting in American history at 50 dead – it is most certainly not the largest act of single-day mass murder.

The ignominious titled for that goes to the attacks on September 11, 2001 which left nearly 3,000 dead. The weapon of choice? Box cutters.

Violence is not a matter of access to weaponry – it is a matter sociopolitical and economic stability, inequality, and an unraveling culture. America is basting in socioeconomic disparity, political injustice, economic instability, and a culture of hatred, fear, and intentionally cultivated ignorance and division.
That’s the problem driving violence in America, and one must start there to reduce senseless violence driven by it.For those simply afraid every time they see a gun, have never touched one, and fear the thought of ever firing one – stop letting irrational fear drive your politics – politics no better than any other fueled by fear, hatred, and ignorance.

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