« People, Planet and Peace over Profit »: Jill Stein’s Acceptance Speech As Green Party Presidential Nominee
Par Stephen Lendman, 07 août 2016

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It’s official. Green Party delegates in Houston on Saturday nominated her as party standard bearer for president of the United States. She’s the real thing, the only true people’s candidate in the race for the nation’s highest office.

Money-controlled interests oppose her.

Clinton or Trump succeeding Obama assures more of the same, Hillary by far the worst of two unacceptable choices, the greatest threat to world peace if anointed America’s next president.

Jill humbly accepted her party’s nomination, saying “(t)his is what democracy looks like. This is what political revolution looks like.”

Her agenda reflects a nation and “world that works for all of us…that puts people, planet and peace over profit.”

The Green Party “stands up for the people” on all issues vital to everyone – endorsing peace over war, respect for fundamental human and civil rights, transition to green energy, social justice over neoliberal harshness, and governance serving everyone equitably.

Jill’s running mate Ajamu Baraka “brings a lifetime of dedication to racial and economic justice.” She called it “an honor” to run for president at a time of “unprecedented crisis and unstoppable momentum for transformational change…”

It won’t come from money-controlled “parties funded by predatory banks, war profiteers and fossil fuel giants.” Grassroots activism alone can change things.

Jill quoted abolitionist champion Frederick Douglas once saying “(p)ower concedes nothing without a demand. It never has. It never will.” We “must be that demand,” she stressed.

False claims about economic recovery and strength ignore a national “emergency,” including mass unemployment and underemployment, increasing poverty, homelessness, hunger and deprivation, a generation of debt-entrapped students, endless wars in multiple theaters at home and abroad, and national leaders caring only about their own self-interest.

“Meanwhile, the super-rich party on, richer than ever,” said Jill. “Twenty-two of these super-rich people have the wealth equivalent to half of the US population.”

“And the political elite that serve the economic elite are making things worse, inflicting austerity on everyday people while they squander trillions on wars, Wall Street bailouts, and tax favors for the wealthy.”

Government of, by and for everyone equitably and fairly is crucially needed at the most perilous time in world history.

Tell Trump “we don’t need no friggin wall. We just need to stop invading other countries,” said Jill. Both wings of America’s one-party state support dirty business as usual getting dirtier all the time.

“We can’t simultaneously fight terrorism with one hand, while we and our allies fund terrorism, train terrorists and arm terrorists with the other,” Jill stressed.

“The only ones benefitting from this catastrophic policy are the war profiteers themselves, who are calling the shots in foreign policy by funding the establishment parties and their politicians.”

“US foreign policy has become fundamentally a marketing strategy for the weapons industry. We started the terrorist threat. Now it’s time to shut it down. That is what our campaign alone will do.”

“Hillary Clinton is the problem…not the solution to Donald Trump. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

In November, vote Green, the only acceptable choice.

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