Political Zionism’s Damaging Impact on Jewish Communities Worldwide


In the last fifty or so years, the ancient and beautiful religion of Judaism has been hijacked by political thugs who have used the Zionist movement to persecute, humiliate and oppress millions of indigenous Palestinian Arabs whose families have lived between the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan for over a thousand years. Crucially, the Political Zionists use the spurious cloak of religion to justify their actions.

In particular, they misquote or misuse biblical texts to persuade gullible governments in both the United States and Europe together with millions of equally impressionable evangelical Christians**, that Zionism is validated by God.

The reality is that many from both sides of the Jewish religious spectrum i.e. Reform and orthodox, are opposed to the Zionist project and have been so since its inception.

Fact: Religious Judaism and Political Zionism* are mutually exclusive. The former is a thousands of years’ old, religious and moral force for good, from which emanated Christianity, whilst the latter is a modern political movement that falsely claims not only an ethnic superiority, plus the right to the entire land of Palestine, but also the endorsement of the former.

For over six years, the Political Zionist movement has turned Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison camp in which the Israeli government deliberately keeps nearly two million souls at just above subsistence level through the blockading of essential medical, food and building supplies, in an abortive and criminal attempt at regime change.

Astonishingly, a blind eye is turned to this illegal, inhumane programme by both the British and American governments who, for years, have been indoctrinated with Zionist propaganda – even to this day. Just this week, the British government declared that any current legitimate boycott of goods from the Israeli Occupied Territories would in future be considered unlawful and subject to harsh penalties.

The documented fact that now more than 500,000 Israeli citizens have been induced by their government to leave their homes in Israel to illegally settle on Palestinian land in a spurious attempt to prevent the establishment of a Palestinian state, is implicitly endorsed by the British government in an astonishing and unprecedented assault upon international law and a denial of the essential principles of democracy.

The consequence of this acceptance of the Israeli government’s criminal agenda by both the AIPAC-controlled US congress and the CFI-controlled British government is the fuelling of the now frightening increase in anti-Semitic attitudes in universities, on campus, on the streets and in social circles throughout Europe as ordinary people now recognise the terrible injustice being perpetrated by the Zionist movement against an entire indigenous people and, incredibly, of it being endorsed by their own governments, apparently having succumbed to the influence of powerful lobbyists.

Modern Political Zionism with its lobbyists embedded within national legislatures worldwide should be proscribed by the United Nations as an organisation that increases ethnic prejudice and violence. Otherwise, history could be repeated and a great evil could again be perpetrated that would be beyond the ability of any government to control.

There is, consequently, an absolute imperative for urgent inter-governmental action, not only throughout Europe but also in the US and Canada. According to University of Montreal Professor Yakov Rabkin

‘Political Zionism implies the existence of a separate Jewish nation and separate Jewish political interests. This is why Jewish anti-Zionists affirmed individualism, arguing that their rights would be better protected by governments in liberal democracies than by parochial self-serving ethnic organizations, let alone an ethnocratic state.’

Articles Par : Anthony Bellchambers

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