Clintons May Not Win the Prize. « Bernie Sanders Could become the Next President »

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Standing between Hillary Clinton and the White House for herself and her “first gentleman” Bill is Senator Bernie Sanders’ totally unexpected “people’s revolution.” 

Sanders has brought on the unthinkable—instead of seeing her as locking up the Democratic Party nomination on Super Thursday in March, Clinton’s camp had begun to project April—following the April 19 New York primary, which she had hoped to win in double digits.

Now, that strategy has become doubtful in the backwash from the collapse of the Clintons’ “go nuclear” attack last week. The attack failed with Sanders labeling her “unqualified”; Sanders’ campaign manager Jeff Weaver saying Hillary had made a “deal with the devil” vis-à-vis her megabuck donors; Black-Lives-Matter co-creator Alicia Garza telling the Clintons, “My back is tired of being the path to the White House”; and the amazing coincidence of Sanders’ Vatican invitation.

Now, even as Hillary and her clones spend the days before the New York vote slinging more innuendo, Sanders will be above the fray in an event that puts him on the world stage in association with Pope Francis, who himself has personified the tenor of the world’s populist revolt.

Clinton has been propelled by several distinct groups of supporters:

Wall Street and corporate millionaires and billionaires—no mystery here.

Mainstream media lackeys—Watch CNN or any network, glance at the New York Times, Washington Post, Politico, etc. The lackeydom was fully on display when the media reported how Clinton had accused Sanders of “lying” in her screamed response to a question from a Greenpeace activist who asked her about funding received from the fossil-fuel industry. CNN featured Clinton’s scream as though she herself was saying something truthful, when she was wrong on every count. The activist was not from the Sanders campaign, and, according to Greenpeace, Clinton has taken over $4.5 million in contributions from the fossil fuel industry for the 2016 campaign.

Superdelegates—Many Democratic Party politicians depend on Clinton-raised cash, so owe the Clintons favors or are fearful for their careers should they switch their support to Sanders, even if their states have supported him in the primaries.

The neocons—The warmongers who fancy themselves leaders of the military-industrial-intelligence establishment desperately want Hillary Clinton as their enabler as they continue their march toward total world domination by their agendas of regime change, NATO provocations against Russia, globalist economic exploitation, environmental destruction, and outright genocide.

African-Americans whom the Clintons perceive as their personal “plantation darkies”—As Alicia Garza made clear, this is how the Clintons view the black community they have done so much to marginalize. Unfortunately, many of their leaders are beholden to the Clintons for their livelihood as part of the poverty industry, so are likely listed in Massa Bill’s rolodex. It’s been this constituency that has given Hillary her current delegate lead, along with….

The geriatric ward—Many older white voters are fearful of losing their pittance in the stock market and prefer Hillary’s yelling to Sanders’ dangerous seriousness about income fairness and raising taxes on the rich.

Even as voters of all races and age groups wake up, the Clintons hope there may still be enough support to carry Hillary to the presidency, even though she has no policy proposals and nothing to say on any subject of importance, especially when droning on about her “experience” and “pragmatism.” Experience and pragmatism doing what? She hasn’t exhibited an original idea her entire career. There’s nothing there, except to curry favor with the rich and powerful. This includes her fawning over Henry Kissinger and his ilk.

There is also be the possibility that President Barack Obama may have awakened to the fact that there really is an alternative in 2016 to the Clintons, an awareness which should cause him to stay neutral. This should include, as he avows, allowing the FBI and Justice Department to do what needs to be done in Hillary’s e-mail server scandal.

Millions of people are starting to believe that Bernie Sanders could actually become the next president. Also that his role in history could be that of a 21st century FDR, since it is increasingly clear that this is what the times demand and how profound a change Sanders’ presidency could bring for the decades ahead. We are now fully aware that the American dream has been dying, with the Clintons, who made the Democrats a corporatist party, among the undertakers. Regardless of the outcome, Sanders has already changed history by making this fact clear.

Richard C. Cook is a retired federal analyst and former whistleblower. Two of his books are Challenger Revealed and We Hold These Truths: The Hope of Monetary Reform. 

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