Saudi Troops Headed to Syria? Saudi-Turkey Invasion in Support of ISIS?
Par Stephen Lendman, 06 février 2016

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Syria’s conflict is getting increasingly dicey. Farcical peace talks collapsed. Resuming them is doubtful. Chances for diplomatic resolution are nil. 

Russia’s aerial campaign aiding Syrian ground forces continues unrelenting, Putin committed to combating all terrorist groups until defeating or reducing them to a shadow of their peak strength – enabling government troops to contain their remnants.

A previous article cited Russian evidence, indicating possible Turkish ground incursion preparations. Earlier Russian video evidence exposed Turkish shelling of Syria’s Latakia province – whether ahead of plans to invade its territory remains to be seen.

Does Riyadh have the same intention? Weeks earlier, it set up a military coordination body with Ankara. Saudi General Ahmed Asseri said “(t)he kingdom is ready to participate in any ground operations that the (US-led) coalition may agree to carry out in Syria” – on the phony pretext of combating ISIS.

Washington created ISIS, using its fighters as imperial foot soldiers – supported by other NATO nations, Gulf States including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and Jordan.

If Ankara and Riyadh invade Syria, they’ll be supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups against Assad – complicit with Washington, wanting Western-controlled puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence.

That’s what Obama’s dirty war is all about (Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State helped orchestrate) – along with eliminating an Israeli rival and isolating Iran ahead of plans to transform the Islamic Republic the same way, a prescription for endless war, greater destruction than already, and possibly millions more lives lost.

Asseri indicated what perhaps Washington supports and  intends – countering Russian/Syrian aerial and ground operations with its own, using US and “coalition” ground forces, raising the stakes hugely, making Syria a more dangerous flashpoint than already, US/Russian direct confrontation increasingly possible, a nightmarish scenario risking global war.

Exactly what Washington intends remains to be seen. Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia would never act unilaterally on their own against Syria without US approval or complicity.

Endless US wars and rage for unchallenged global dominance represent the greatest threat to world peace.

Daily events should scare everyone. When wars are prioritized over peace, human life hangs in the balance.

A Final Comment

On Friday, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter welcomed Riyadh’s willingness to send combat troops to Syria, saying:

“That kind of new is very welcome. I look forward to discussing (it) with…Saudi defense minister (Mohammad bin Salman) next week – that and other kinds of contributions that Saudi Arabia can make.”

Is the die cast? Carter said nothing about possible Turkish troops invading Syria.

Will Riyadh and Ankara join announced US combat force deployments, intended to aid ISIS and other terrorist groups, continuing endless war, aiming to topple Assad and destroy Syrian sovereignty.


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