Selected Articles: « Aid-Money Laundering », « Colored Revolutions », and Meaningless Corruption Indices.
Par Global Research News, 01 février 2016

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haiti clintonAid-Money Laundering as an NGO Racket. Haiti

By Dady Chery, February 01 2016

It took the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti to expose the rot in the world’s charities.

najib-750x375@2xSaudi Royal Family Gave $681M to Malaysian PM Who Banned Shia Islam

By Newsrescue, February 01 2016

On Wednesday last week the Malaysia’s attorney general confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s royal family gave Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak a $681 million personal gift.

Accountability and Transparency in the World of Big Money: Banks too Big to Fail and too Big to JailLatest Corruption Index Does Not Reveal Britain’s Real Place in Global Crime Wave

By Graham Vanbergen, February 01 2016

Transparency International (TI) releases its latest report entitled the Corruption Perceptions Index and continues to find that corruption is rife globally and remains a blight around the world.

Azov-Ukraine-1US Congress Quietly Enables Funding for Ukrainian Neo-Nazi-led Azov Regiment

By David Levine, February 01 2016

The 2016 Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed into law by US President Barack Obama late last year, did not include a previously expected ban against the funding of the Azov Regiment, a military organization that originated as a volunteer militia in May 2014 and was subsequently incorporated into the National Guard of Ukraine.

Flag_of_Macedonia.svg“Colored Revolutions”, US Attempts to Destabilize Macedonia. ‘We Will Not Accept a Puppet Leader’

By Andrew Korybko, January 29 2016

Below is the interview of Andrew Korybko to the Macedonian NetPress agency, published in English by Oriental Review. Andrew Korybko reveals the most likely scenario to be implemented by the US to  destabilize the Balkan state of Macedonia and bring their puppet, Zoran Zaev, to power in Skopje.

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