Selected Articles: Analysis and Commentary on the U.S Presidential Elections
Par Global Research News, 06 avril 2016

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sandersclintonClinton Supported and Enabled Tax Evasion Revealed By the “Panama Papers” … Sanders OPPOSED It

By Washington’s Blog, April 06 2016

Barack Obama pushed the trade deal with Panama which allowed the tax evasion revealed by the “Panama Papers” to flourish.

usa-électionsWho Will be the Next President of the United States?

By Thierry Meyssan, April 06 2016

Thierry Meyssan analyses the political and electoral system of the United States.

Sanders-TrumpFight the U.S. Establishment: Do Not Vote For Any Presidential Candidate

By Joel S. Hirschhorn, April 06 2016

If you think that the worst thing for the country is electing yet another establishment politician to the presidency, what is your best, most principled action?

TrumpJoining the Dots: Why the Establishment Hates Donald Trump

By Prof. John McMurtry, April 05 2016

On the face of it, Trump is Reagan on steroids. His reality-show confidence make him ideal for the role of bullying and big lies from the oval office.

black-protest-60African-American Political Power: The Need to Transform Votes into a Revolutionary Program

By Abayomi Azikiwe, April 05 2016

With the last two months of primaries and caucuses in approximately twenty states, the role of African Americans is pivotal.

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