Selected Articles: Corruption, Fraud and Conspiracy
Par Global Research News, 17 février 2016

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williambooth_detentionIsraeli Police Detain American Journalists on Spurious Grounds of Incitement. Democracy in Israel is Pure Fantasy:

By Stephen Lendman, February 17 2016

So-called “incitement” is a phony Israeli catch-all pretext for detaining, brutalizing or murdering anyone considered resisting its occupation – illegal under international law.

AlexanderLitvinenkoHospitalBritain Allowed Unqualified Judge to Decide Litvinenko Case. Now Inquiry Report Must Be Recalled

By William Dunkerley, February 17 2016

Sir Robert Owen appears to have lacked the legal qualifications to chair the recently-concluded Inquiry in the Alexander Litvinenko death case.

stockmarketCredit Suisse, Fraud and Embezzlement: Corruption and Pension Assets Norway Just Lost $1.4 billion

By FRCS, February 17 2016

Pension investments are the last huge liquid asset of the middle class since the devastation of the Global Financial Crisis. They have been relentlessly targeted by corrupt and criminal groups.

South-Africa-ApartheidSouth Africa’s Secret Plan to Sterilize Blacks through Vaccines

By Brandon Turbeville, February 17 2016

.. after the end of the apartheid system in South Africa, a Truth and Reconciliation Committee was established to reveal the wrongs that had been committed against the people of South Africa … Yet even during the process of “uncovering” many of the atrocities committed against black South Africans some of that information has been largely ignored throughout the decades after the system ended; most notably, a system of attempted genocide of black South Africans by means of a national vaccine program.

Vaccination H1N1 : méfiance des infirmièresScaring People “Out of Their Wits” over Pseudo-Pandemics: Swine Flu, Avian Flu, SARS, Ebola and Now Zika…

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, February 17 2016

Why Aren’t Public Health Organizations Like CIDRAP Warning Pregnant Women to Abstain from Aluminum or Mercury-containing Vaccines?

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