Selected Articles: Counter-Revolution in Brazil and U.S. Imperialism
Par Global Research News, 11 juin 2016

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Counter-Revolution in Brazil and United States Imperialism

By Abayomi Azikiwe, June 09 2016

President Dilma Rousseff of the Brazil Worker’s Party (PT) was suspended from office on May 12, 2016 amid an impeachment proceeding in the national parliament. Rousseff is the first woman president of this vast and heavily populated South American country…


Saudi Arabia Killing Children: United Nations Complicit in Crimes against Humanity

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, June 10 2016

“It appears that political power and diplomatic clout have been allowed to trump the UN’s duty to expose those responsible for the killing and maiming of more than 1,000 of Yemen’s children.”  Sajjad Mohammad Sajid, Oxfam Director in Yemen, Jun…


Bernie Sanders’ Position Concerning the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By Dr. Alon Ben-Meir, June 09 2016

Following the 2016 US presidential elections, the next administration must adopt a new and realistically balanced policy toward Israel and the Palestinians to bring an end to their conflict in the context of a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace based on the…


Syrian Women Denounce USAID Funded ‘White Helmets’ in Syria

By Prof. Tim Anderson, June 09 2016

A range of Syrian women have denounced the US-UK funded group the ‘White Helmets’, led by a former British soldier and recently revealed to be financed by USAID. They come from all the country’s communities (e.g. Sunni, Alawi, Druze, Christian)…


War Party Leader Obama Endorses War Goddess Clinton

By Stephen Lendman, June 10 2016

Obama, Clinton and bipartisan neocons infesting Washington explain the deplorable state of America today – a democracy in name only, enriching the privileged few at the expense of most others, waging endless wars on humanity, leaving its fate up for…


Canada’s Pro-Israel Lobby Attempts to Shut Down “Peaceful Pressure” against Israel’s Systematic Violations of International Law

By Prof Michael Keefer, June 10 2016

The latest attempt of the Zionist lobby in Canada to shut down attempts to organize peaceful pressure against the state of Israel’s systematic violations of international law came at what must have seemed an opportune moment. On May 17, the…

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