Selected Articles: ‘Divide and Rule’ Politics and the Islamic State
Par Global Research News, 20 mars 2016

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Flag_of_Islamic_State_of_Iraq ISISISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government

By Rudy Panko, March 20 2016

Twitter has blocked users accused of ‘harassing’ accounts linked to ISIS. Meanwhile, hackers have revealed that Twitter handles used by ISIS can be traced back to Saudi Arabia — and the British government. Surprise?

Hillary-Clinton-300x300Hillary Clinton’s Emails and the Syrian Shoah. “Greater Israel” and the Yinon Plan

By Gilad Atzmon, March 20 2016

From: Sidney Blumenthal To: Hillary Clinton Date: 2012-07-23.

newgreatgameThe “Great Game” and the Partitioning Of Syria

By Shelley Kasli, March 20 2016

Russia’s decision to greatly reduce its military presence in Syria, coming as it did with little warning, has left the world struggling for explanations.

Images: Libya's so-called freedom-fighting "moderates" literally just repainted their trucks after NATO's 2011 intervention, becoming ISIS' Libyan branch. The US now finds itself justifying yet another military intervention in Libya to fight the very terrorists it helped arm and put into power in 2011.The Islamic State Is Pretext To Again Mug Libya

By Moon of Alabama, March 20 2016

There are currently two governments in Libya. A “moderately Islamist” one in the west in Tripoli and one in the east in Tobruk.

US MilitaryThe Wrong Kind Of Victory: Is the US More Powerful Militarily?

By Dmitry Orlov, March 20 2016

One often hears of the fact that the US spends more on its military than most other nations combined. This is usually presented as evidence that the US is more powerful militarily—perhaps so powerful that it could take on the rest of the planet, and prevail. I find this attitude highly questionable.

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