Selected Articles: Geopolitical Conflict, Covert Intelligence, and Financial Collapse.
Par Global Research News, 22 janvier 2016

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rp_MH17-INVESTIGATION.JPGMH-17: Kerry Pressed for Evidence by Father of Sole American Citizen on Flight

By Robert Parry, January 22 2016

The father of Quinn Schansman, the only American citizen to die in the 2014 shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, has asked Secretary of State John Kerry to release the U.S. data that Kerry cited in claiming precise knowledge of where the suspected anti-aircraft missile was fired.

Turkey-Syria-Conflict (1)Turkish Invasion Threat Escalates Syrian Conflict

By Bill Van Auken, January 22 2016

The Syrian government has formally appealed to the United Nations over incursions into its territory by Turkish troops.

President Xi JinpingChina Backs Establishment of Independent State of Palestine with Jerusalem as Its Capital

By Press TV, January 22 2016

China has lent its support to the establishment of the State of Palestine with East al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital.

Impression of the making of the Annual Meeting 2011 of the World Economic Forum in DavosThe Davos World Economic Forum. Financial Manipulators and Politicians Mingle and Meet Behind Closed Doors

By Binoy Kampmark, January 22 2016

There are the usual cast of financial directors and CEOs at the 45th annual Davos meeting. Unilever’s Paul Polman, Santander’s Ana Botín, Google’s Eric Schmidt, and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, are among some of the names.

greece-troikaGreece Falls Prey to ECB Financial Diktats and Blackmail

By Eric Toussaint, January 22 2016

(…) the Truth Committee on Greek Public Debt considered in its report, made public in June 2015, that the debt repayments being demanded of Greece by the ECB should be considered illegitimate, illegal, odious and unsustainable.

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