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Par Global Research News, 30 janvier 2016

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central-banks-economy 2Negative Interest Rates Show “Desperation” of Central Banks

By Washington’s Blog, January 30 2016

Japan has joined the EU, Denmark, Switzerland and Sweden in imposing negative interest rates.

investing economy stocksSeven Years of Monetary Quackery; Can the Federal Reserve Admit It Was Wrong?

By Mike Whitney, January 30 2016

America’s richest investors are betting trillions of dollars that the US economy will stay lousy for years to come. Who are these wealthy investors? Bondholders.

The Keynesian Revolution and the Neo-liberal Counter-revolutionThe Keynesian Revolution and the Neo-Liberal Counter-Revolution

By Eric Toussaint, January 30 2016

As a result of the depression of the 1920s and 1930s, a new wave of critics tackled the neo-classical creed on a largely pragmatic basis. This new wave was international and involved political leaders and economists from differing belonging to various currents backgrounds…

By Bill Holter, January 29 2016

Every once in a while it is a good thing to review something we already know and have known for quite a while.  What we’re talking about are derivatives and the very basics of how they work… or not.

syrizaSyriza and the Greek Debt Crisis: Austerity Unbroken

By Jannis Milios and Alp Kayserilioglu, January 29 2016

Athens-based journalist Alp Kayserilioğlu recently sat down with Milios to discuss the history of Syriza, the purpose of the eurozone, and the power of the country’s domestic bourgeoisie.

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