Selected Articles: Health and Environment. GMOs, Viruses, and the Climate Change Movement.
Par Global Research News, 11 février 2016

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petsicides_roundup_chemicals_735_350Global Ban on Glyphosate Called for by Portuguese Medical Association President

By Christina Sarich, February 11 2016

President of the Portuguese Medical Association, José Manuel Silva, is calling for a worldwide ban on Big Ag’s most used herbicide, glyphosate. With so many health concerns surrounding the chemical, its days are surely numbered.

gmo-India-Farmers-anti-gmo-Demonstration-02_725_329Trojan Horse Arguments and the GMO Issue: Indian Food and Agriculture Under Attack

By Colin Todhunter, February 11 2016

In 2013, India’s former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar accused US companies of derailing the nation’s oilseeds production programme. Similar claims had been made before. For instance, we could revisit the 1998 mustard oil tragedy.

ZIKA-CLOSE-UPMicrocephaly in Brazil. What are the Causes? “The Focus is on the Mosquito as the Vector”?

By Dr. David Halpin, February 10 2016

There are pictures of mothers cradling babies with shallow skulls in Brazil. The Brazilian health authorities have reported more than 3,500 microcephaly cases between October 2015 and January 2016. These babies are badly disabled because their brains are grossly underdeveloped…

labMore on the Zika Virus-Microcephaly Freak-out

By Dr. Gary G. Kohls, February 10 2016

Last week’s Duty to Warn column on the Zika virus/microcephaly “freak-out” (published by Global Research) has been widely circulated around the planetary blogosphere, but not, apparently (and not unsurprisingly), among the gatekeepers of information in Big Government, Big Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Media and the CDC despite many of those organizations being duly informed about the “unspeakable” reality of yet another vaccine-induced, iatrogenic (medical industry-caused) disease.

FRANCE-GOVERNMENT-UN-CLIMATEHow the Broad Climate Movement Has Failed Us

By James Jordan, February 08 2016

Only a few weeks after COP 21, the world experienced a wave of floods and extreme weather exacerbated by global warming.

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