Selected Articles: Human Rights Hypocrisy. « Does the Reality Live Up to the Rhetoric? »
Par Global Research News, 18 mars 2016

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Crimes against Humanity: The Torture of Palestinian ChildrenNaming Crimes: The Use, Misuse and Omission of Genocide

By Dr. Binoy Kampmark, March 18 2016

Hollow words run the world of diplomatic exchange. Such counterfeit currency is fundamental to understanding humanitarian law, where political figures stumble or walk tall depending on whether they should condemn, let alone combat, certain catastrophes.

Cuba drapeauHuman Rights Hypocrisy: US Criticizes Cuba

By Marjorie Cohn, March 18 2016

In advance of President Barack Obama’s historic visit to Cuba on March 20, there is speculation about whether he can pressure Cuba to improve its human rights.

Human-Rights-Act-Union-JackSmart Power and “The Human Rights Industrial Complex”

By Patrick Henningsen, March 17 2016

Human rights in the West: does the reality live up to the rhetoric?

05-12-2015OldCity_YemenSerious Systematic Human Rights Violations Against the People of Yemen

By Arabian Rights Watch Association, March 18 2016

IDO, together with Americans for Democracy & Human Rights in Bahrain, and Arabian Rights Watch Association, express our utmost concern over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its Coalition’s (the “Saudi-led Coalition’s”) ongoing serious and systematic violations of rights in Yemen, including political, economic, human, and humanitarian rights.

Omot Agwa OkwoyThe Criminalization of Environmental and Human Rights Activists: Free Ethiopian Political Prisoners!

By Grain, March 16 2016

One year after their arrest on March 15, 2015, three food, land, and human rights defenders continue to languish in an Ethiopian jail.

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