Selected Articles: ISIS, Syria, Iceland, Myanmar, and the Fantasies of Free Trade
Par Global Research News, 07 avril 2016

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Israel, US Warmongers Bent on Brewing Iran CrisisISIS is a US-Israeli Creation. Top Ten “Indications”

By Makia Freeman, April 07 2016

ISIS is a US-Israeli creation, a fact as clear as the sky is blue. It’s a truth as black and white as the colors on their flag. For many alternative news readers, this may be patently obvious, but this article is written for the large majority of people in the world who still have no idea who is really behind the rise of ISIS.

kurdistan-jpgWhy A Kurdish Enclave in Syria Is a Very Bad Idea

By Maram Susli, April 07 2016

[The following points present] a few simple reasons why PYD/YPG claims to federal autonomy and attempts to annex Syrian land are illegitimate, undemocratic, and could lead to genocide.

Iceland_PMIceland Prime Minister has not Resigned, Press Release to International Media

By Iceland Monitor, April 07 2016

The Prime Minister’s office in Iceland has just issued a press statement in English to the international press saying that the Prime Minister has not resigned, merely stepped aside for an unspecified amount of time and will continue to serve as the Chairman of the Progressive Party.

suu-kyi-speech_3492358b-300x187Myanmar’s “Driver” President. Washington’s Puppet State

By Tony Cartalucci, April 07 2016

American and British media agencies are celebrating the nomination and ascension by Myanmar politician Aung San Suu Kyi of her driver (see image below) and aid as “president,” as well as her pledge to “rule above” the president – effectively rendering the office as symbolic and subordinate to the unelected Suu Kyi.

b1243“Fair Trade” versus “Unequal Trade”. The Markets for Coffee, Bananas and Wheat

By Prof. Gavin Fridell and Arturo Ezquerro-Canete, April 07 2016

Coffee is one of the most valuable commodities exported by the global South (seconded only by oil and illegal drugs), generating billions of dollars in corporate profit each year. And yet, despite the expansion and increased visibility of fair-trade coffee, the majority of the world’s coffee families live in relative poverty.

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