Selected Articles: Israel, An Innocent Victim of Arab Imperialism?
Par Global Research News, 16 mai 2016

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Israel: An Innocent Victim of Arab Imperialism?

By Anthony Bellchambers, May 14 2016

For over 65 years, since the establishment of the State of Israel at the behest of the then American Zionist lobby, its successor has ensured that billions of US dollars in aid, grants, loans, guarantees, tax exemptions and ‘deals’ are…

Palestine drapeau

By Jamal Kanj, May 16 2016

Much had been argued about the creation of Israel and the ensuing 1948 ethnic cleansing of non-Jewish Palestinians. Sadly however, most had become a desensitised academic debate. A lifeless abstract portrayal failing to depict what it really meant for one…


Glyphosate in the EU: Product Promoters Masquerading as Regulators in a “cesspool of corruption”?

By Colin Todhunter, May 16 2016

On 13 April, the EU Parliament called on the European Commission to restrict certain permitted uses of the toxic herbicide glyphosate, best known in Monsanto’s ‘Roundup’ formulation. Glyphosate was last year determined to be ”probably carcinogenic“ by the WHO. The…

dollars-money-economy-crisis“Print the Money”: Trump’s “Reckless” Proposal Echoes Franklin and Lincoln

By Ellen Brown, May 15 2016

“Print the money” has been called crazy talk, but it may be the only sane solution to a $19 trillion federal debt that has doubled in the last 10 years. The solution of Abraham Lincoln and the American colonists can…


Canada Syndrome: Good People Supporting Mass Internment, War, and Genocide

By Michael Welch and Richard Sanders, May 14 2016

“Many Canadians are still captivated by the self-righteous illusion that their blessed “Peaceable Kingdom” is based on the principles of multiculturalism, justice, democracy and human rights. These sacred “Canadian Values” form the basis of a narcissistic fantasy of exceptionalism that…


Brazil’s “Neoliberal Left”: Business Accommodation and Social Debacle

By Prof. James Petras, May 14 2016

In 2004 I wrote Brazil and Lula: Year Zero (Edifurb:  Blumenau, Sao Paolo 2005), in which I presented my analysis of the Lula-Workers Party (PT) regime in Brazil undergoing a Grand Transformation with the first stage represented by the PT’s…

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