Selected Articles: Meanwhile At The Democratic National Convention In Philly…

Meanwhile At The Democratic National Convention In Philly…

By Tyler Durden, July 25 2016

As LA Times reporter Matt Pearce tweeted…

Just walked through a crowd of at least a couple hundred liberals and still haven’t seen a single Clinton sign.


DNC Chairwoman Caught Red-Handed, Rigging Electoral Process for Clinton, Resignation Not Good Enough

By Stephen Lendman, July 25 2016

DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught red-handed, rigging the electoral process for Clinton, assuring she’ll be party standard bearer in November. She’s stepping down after this week’s party convention, continuing to represent Florida’s 23rd district – facing no criminal charges, despite committing a serious racketeering offense.


Donald Trump Supporters and Opponents Agree: Candidacy is About Race and Racism

By Jon Hecht, July 25 2016

Make America Safe Again!  Make America Work Again!  Make America First Again! These were the official themes of Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention. From the podium the newly anointed GOP standard-bearer focused on law and order, on boosting the economy, on an American foreign policy based on limiting foreign entanglements, and on further restricting immigration.


Hillary Clinton’s Vice President Tim Kaine: A Match Made on Wall Street

By Eric Draitser, July 24 2016

This article was first published on May 31st, 2016 and on Global Research on June 2nd. Eric Draitser’s analysis is outstanding and incisive Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders warned that Hillary Clinton’s eventual vice presidential pick must not be someone from the milieu of Wall Street and Corporate America. And while Sanders is still fighting to win the Democratic Party nomination in what many have argued is a rigged system with a foregone conclusion, it appears that Sanders is also intent on influencing the course of the Clinton campaign and the party itself.

TrumpTrump, Trade and US Working Class Discontent

By Jack Rasmus, July 23 2016

With the Republican and Democrat party conventions in progress or upcoming, it has now become clear that the 2016 USA presidential election is unlike preceding elections in recent decades. Large percentages of those who consider themselves members of either party do not approve of their presidential candidates, for one thing. That includes more than a third of both Republican and Democrat voters. For another, both candidates have assumed positions on issues that in previous elections would have been considered anathema to the dominant ruling economic and political elites.

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