Selected Articles: Russia-US Relations Up in Flames. Exposing « The Dangers of a World War »
Par Global Research News, 06 février 2016

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ISISEuropean Parliament Calls for Urgent Action to Protect Religious Minorities against ISIS, “War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity”

By Emilie Tournier, February 06 2016

GR Editor’s Note: The resolution does not focus on the State sponsors terrorism. the governments which are supporting the ISIS (including US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey) are responsible for ”War Crimes” and “Crimes against Humanity” (M.Ch.)


The Militarization of Europe, The Dangers of a World War: “Never in the Cold War Had US Put Its Military Force So Close to Russia”

By Sputnik, February 04 2016

The decision to quadruple its military presence in Europe puts the US at its highest risk of a nuclear war with Russia, since the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960s, as during the entire history of the mutual relationship it has never placed its military forces so close to Russia, according to Professor Stephen F. Cohen.


U.S. Now Overtly at War Against Russia

By Eric Zuesse, February 06 2016

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced on February 2nd that he approves of US ‘Defense’ Secretary Ash Carter’s proposal to quadruple US armaments and troops in Europe, against ‘Russian aggression’.

uk-parliamentYemen: UK Parliamentary Committee Calls for Halt to Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia, Moots International Inquiry into Alleged International Law Abuses

By Felicity Arbuthnot, February 06 2016

Mercurial: “Subject to sudden or unpredictable changes of mood or mind.”

us imperialismUnited States War Crimes. A Historical Review

By Brian Willson and Lenora Foerstel, February 06 2016

The issue of War Crimes emerged after World War I at the Versailles Conference…

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