Selected Articles: Surveillance, Humanitarian Interventionism, and Media Disinformation in American Politics.
Par Global Research News, 29 janvier 2016

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surveillanceHearings in Secret: Congress, FISA and Warrantless Surveillance

By Binoy Kampmark, January 29 2016

It should seem axiomatic to Congressional credibility that the people’s representatives should have hearings about the Republic’s affairs in the open.

Flint_snyderWhile Flint Was Being Poisoned, State Workers “Quietly” Provided Water Coolers

By Common Dreams, January 29 2016

Following release of new document and emails, Gov. Snyder told he must ‘explain to the people of Flint why his administration trucked water into a state building while allowing residents to drink unsafe water’

oasOAS to Send Special Mission to Haiti Amid Political Crisis

By Ezili Dantò, January 29 2016

OAS you’re not welcome in Haiti, Haiti does not need another OAS electoral coup detat like 2010. Haiti stands as one with this one message to the new OAS mission that has invited itself  to Haiti.

Nytimes_hqMedia Disinformation and the US Heroin Epidemic

By Dr. Meryl Nass, January 29 2016

On October 30, 2015 the NY Times published an in-depth article on the heroin epidemic, focused on New Hampshire, which saw the greatest increase in deaths from drug overdoses (74%) in the US between 2013 and 2014.

Photo by Gage SkidmoreDonald Trump Wins Fox News Debate Without Showing Up

By Stephen Lendman, January 29 2016

Trump looks unstoppable, the likely Republican presidential nominee, way outdistancing other aspirants in polls consistently.

nato_libya_1Pentagon Prepares Another War in Libya

By Bill Van Auken, January 29 2016

A little less than five years after launching a war against Libya on the “humanitarian” pretext of preventing a supposedly imminent massacre, the United States and its European allies are preparing a new military assault against the oil-rich North African country under the bloodstained banner of the “war on terrorism ».

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